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Back in early January, Jimbo shared a great training video, showing how to grow your Twitter following, quickly, using a couple of tools.

Check out his training here: -

The tools he used in the video were:


Jimbo also mentions another tool below his video:


I started using these for the Twitter account I'd opened for my primary niche. When I saw how well they were working, I decided to open another Twitter account for my WA affiliate site.

I challenged myself to use these tools daily, to see how quickly I could reach 1000 followers.

Without these tools, (or others like them) it would be a slow tedious process to build such a large following in less than 3 weeks. In his video, he shows how quickly you can use Manage Flitter and Status Brew, to follow AND unfollow other Twitter users. It only takes him a couple of minutes and done.

I really love the time saving aspect of these tools, but I noticed that they could also be used to focus my following, not just grow it.

The free versions of each of these tools have their own features that let you be more precise in who you follow and unfollow. Manage Flitter lets you sort followers by their spam score. Status Brew and Crowdfire let you follow others based on hashtags or keywords.

Lessons I've Learned

  1. Twitter looks at the people you follow now, to find suggestions for who to follow next. With a new account it can be helpful to take time and carefully select those you follow. Follow people that reflect the demographic that you want to reach. Time spent doing this on day one, will result in better suggestions from Twitter in the future.
  2. The way I'm using these tools is more time consuming than Jimbo's method. I'm not 100% sure it's worth the all the extra time. Now that I've reached 1000 followers, I might slow down and use these tools just a few times per week.
  3. There's one other social media tool that I use; it's actually a real time saver. It's called Staged and it will be the subject of my next training video.

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Triblu Premium
Great advice Joe!
I've started blocking Twitter accounts that try selling followers so that my quality of followers remain high ... and as bot free as I can.
joekeriii Premium
Yes, quality of followers is as important as quantity.
waian Premium
Very helpful. Bookmarked.
joekeriii Premium
Very glad to help Ian.
reanna1 Premium
Thanks for this training, Joe! :)
joekeriii Premium
Thanks for checking it out!
AwesomeWoman Premium
Good to know! Thanks! ~ t
joekeriii Premium
Glad to help, T!
NarasimhaRao Premium
Thankyou for Sharing.
joekeriii Premium
You're welcome!