In the last lesson, we were waiting on Google to verify the fixes that we made to the URL reported to have issues.

After Google has verified that the issues are fixed, you will receive a final message that looks like this:

S U C C E S S !

Google has validated that the specified issues on that URL have been fixed!

If for some reason, the issues were not fixed, or another issue was found, you would receive a new email reporting the new (or same) URL, with a button leading you back to the console to view the specific details including the new suggested fix, so you could go through this whole process again, and fix your remaining or new issues.

After you go through it once, you'll have no problem understanding the cycle, and should feel confident when you receive the next 'issues detected' message.

Just remember...

There is a very organized process to follow, and if you just follow it, you'll have your fixes done in no time!

I hope this tutorial helped you understand the new emails you may be receiving from the Google Search Console, and how you can easily react and improve your website!

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ipalladino Premium
Hi Cris,

The google search console is stating that all my pages are excluded. I'm sure there is just a check mark in the wrong area of my all in one SEO. Do you have any idea of where to took first?
Thank you for your help.
cris1018 Premium
All pages are excluded from indexing? Yes, could be a Settings issue. Did you receive a "blocked by" message in GSC? Do you have a screenshot you can PM me?
BobRoman Premium
Very useful information!

Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you great success!

cris1018 Premium
Thank you, Bob. I wish you much success as well!

Babou3 Premium
Thanks for your great help!

cris1018 Premium
You're welcome, Ingrid. Thanks for stopping by!
Funder Premium
Great lesson, thank you for sharing
cris1018 Premium
Thank you for reading, and commenting!