In this tutorial, we'll discuss the potentiality of Forum Marketing and its feasibility for building high-quality backlinks and blog traffic.

"The more things change the more they stay the same" is a phrase that best describes the complexity of human existence. People want to experience positive changes in their lives yet only very few are willing to do what it takes to achieve the desired change. Sometimes change doesn't turn out right, some other times it might be far below our expectations, and sometimes it is much better to let things be as they are.

Sending letters through post offices was something most people believed would pass away with the introduction of electronic mails. Only very few felt that the physical mail delivery was here to stay. Today, emails and physical mails exist side-by-side and both are still very relevant in business and personal communications. This is another case of things changing and still staying the same.

I would like to discuss another instance which is very relevant to this topic - Forums. Social Media ushered in a new way of connecting and communicating with family and friends over the internet. The more popular social media became, the less time people spent on other "networking" platforms. Today’s social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become the central platforms for social interactions.

Forums have stood the test of time, and have evolved into platforms that are useful for building authority, credibility and driving traffic to websites.

Areas to discuss:

  1. What is Forum Marketing?
  2. Benefits of Forum Marketing
  3. Participating in Forums - 10 Strategies for Optimal Results
  4. Conclusion

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LindaBaxter Premium
This is very interesting as I had never considered Forums to build my traffic before. Thank you for sharing!
lesabre Premium
Thank you for the share Israel.

Best wishes,
davehayes Premium
This is good training. To add my experience to your already excellent post, I have used forums for years and got lots of good quality leads from them, simply by sharing experiences and so on

Its a reason why we should focus on building our blogs out, because they showcase our experience and a properly constructed and planned blog will serve two purposes

Can be used to highlight your brand experience and bring leads to you through quality, targeted content
timstime20 Premium
Wow Israel great training
I'm in the same place as Willow, level 3 Q on signature