Keyword research and its implementation is one of the most crucial part of search engine optimization practices. In keyword research, we have a subset known as “Long tail keywords”. The long tail keyword, being an important aspect of keyword research, consists of a root or basic keyword with modifiers and variants.

When it comes to getting ranked, the long tail keywords are easier to rank for and can specifically target your industry and business.

In leveraging this type of keyword, you can increase your chances of getting ranked for specific phrases and pull in more website traffic within a short period of time.

Looking at the significance of leveraging the long tail keywords across your site, it’s important to use these types of keywords when you want to do keyword research for your content. Once done, you can then keep track of the resulting traffic with Jaaxy to see your traffic sources and how users are interacting on your website. Before you dive in fully, let’s discuss a bit about long tail keywords.

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