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Choosing a niche and What will I write? are 2 of the commonest questions on WA. In this video, I go with Choosing a niche. It is short, and what I most want you to get from it in a nutshell, is just go with your gut, and get started. Wondering what to say is ONLY because it is an unfamiliar medium, and there is RESISTANCE. Trust me, Be Confident. Don't let the little voice in your head say, "You will never do that". Answer --- "YES I CAN, and I WILL".

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Elijah1916 Premium
Absolutely fantastic. Also if its something you are passionate about, it will not seem like work, as you will enjoy it so much, and be absorbed in it. Many thanks for sharing.
RaeAnnePond Premium
Thank you for this training. Well done.
LornaAllen Premium
Well done done Eddie.
paulgoodwin Premium
Well you have more guts than me but now I think well
Why not give it s try so thank you for that inspiration
Rickg7 Premium
That's awesome stuff... But how did you do that chalkboard thing?? I've always loved when people do that.. I think it's a great way to show something.. And it's really cute lol
Can you please give me a clue?
I've been wanting to hear that, cause we spend so much time on keyword searches.. I'm wondering if I have my ideas already, how does keywords play into it. Basically they make it seem like keyword searching will find your niche.
That's not going with my gut.
And yet I'm trying to still understand keyword searches, of course it's important..
MINDwell Premium
chalkboard is videoscribe

thx for watching
no dont go keyword searching for niche
hundreds of keywords for EVERY NICHE
go with gut/passion
Rickg7 Premium
Videoscribe, thx!
And thank you for saying that, it's been messing me up in my head.. Lol
I will follow my gut :)