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Content is the core component of any successful website and business online and in this video you are going to be walked through the process of creating your initial base of content on your website. You are also going to be introduced to SiteContent and how to utilize SiteContent templates and the SiteContent editor.

In this video you are going to learn.

  • How to utilize the SiteContent Editor
  • Accessing and using SiteContent Templates
  • Creating an About Me Post and submitting it
  • Creating your Privacy Policy Page and submitting it
  • Understanding where your pages & posts go when you publish

If you have any questions about the initial set-up of your content framework, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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RobbyArt1982 Premium
If I am not mistaken any additional work you would like to do to your post. you have to go through your word press admin. Their you can change or add anything else like pictures videos etc @bosco50050. I would get another opinion just in case. I am fairly new here. I think thats how it works though
bosco50050 Premium
I used site content to write my articles. It was very, very helpful. I went to and fro and added content over and over again. It was very good.
Question. I wrote an about me post and I posted it on my website through site content. All went fine. later I decided that I wanted to add my picture and some other pictures into the post. I did that. I wanted these changes to be effected on my post but when I hit edit post it goes to the post but it looks like I can't effect the changes from site content. I have to do it manually on my post on the webpage.

1. Should I delete the post
2. Can I repost the same post (updated with the photos) again to the website.
3. is this possible
1montanamama Premium
Well I surely do need to brag here. It has taken me 3 days but I have accomplished the most difficult task to date for me.My about page has just about finished me. I though have conquered and slayed the dragon. Lost my helmet and broke the sword. I feel like a horse that has been ridden hard and put away wet. Bed is about the only thing I can think of. But we need to share our triumphs as well as failures. I am tellin ya I finally did it. Raises arms like Rocky Balboa. Not sure why but felt good ya know.
NNyaga Premium
Congratulations, i really envy you. I just went through the training on creating initial website content and I'm already feeling overwhelmed by the thought of writing "about me".
I hope i can sail through this.
1montanamama Premium
You so got this. Figuring out what me was a big problem. I simply told my story. Kyle is going to check it out for me and give me some pointers. Verdict is still out so far. I would love for you to check it out too. More input I can get the more likely I am to succeed. it is "simply 1 montanamamma siterubix .com." sorry I can't leave an actual web link. so squish it all together and hopefully that is correct.
Paula5678 Premium
I know what you mean. it's a good thing. All your hard work will pay off some day.
Thank you, Kyle, Well I'm not too good at this writing part, I seem to just go blank, whether It's about me or not. So with that said I better get to my site so I won't be stuck on it like I was in the description part. This video was very helpful as are all of the videos here at WA. It just takes me a minute to get rolling.
bpatkins Premium
BPatkins here. I am having a technical problem: I have been on course one lesson 7 for the past week and a half. When I try to complete it I get an error message saying that the program is no longer responsive. Can anybody give me some technical advice or support. I am running windows 10.
MaxiMos Premium
I'm no the moment.
But I had a problem signing in to my account a few days ago.
The solution that worked for me was changing my browser from Chrome to Mozilla Fox. Since then no problem signing in. I know it's not the same as your temporary problem but maybe try loging in from a diffrent browser to the one you maybe using and see whether that helps.