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Added Jun 01, 2017
Author Kyle
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Content is the core component of any successful website and business online and in this video you are going to be walked through the process of creating your initial base of content on your website. You are also going to be introduced to SiteContent and how to utilize SiteContent templates and the SiteContent editor.

In this video you are going to learn.

  • How to utilize the SiteContent Editor
  • Accessing and using SiteContent Templates
  • Creating an About Me Post and submitting it
  • Creating your Privacy Policy Page and submitting it
  • Understanding where your pages & posts go when you publish

If you have any questions about the initial set-up of your content framework, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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PMurray1 Premium
Now I'm starting to become scared that all of this material may be way over my head. So many buttons to remember to push, and how to access them. I'm getting into the "rocket science/computer science" aspect of this. A 27-minute video is way too much information all at once. It could have been broken down into three separate videos and I would have understood all of it better.
1montanamama Premium
It was for me too so I pause the video, go take care of that part come back and watch some more video etc. Till I get through the entire video. Worked great for me
bvincent Premium
Great video! I am really starting to feel like this will come together just the way I want, by following each of these steps. It's all explained clearly and there is lots of opportunity to review and complete each task so you understand it before moving on. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
plavi001 Premium
Kyle mentioned when creating the Privacy Policy that we do not want people commenting in our Privacy Policy, that's why we created it as a Page and not as a post. But at the end of my Privacy Policy there is a Leave a Reply section, with a comment text box and a Post Comment button. How do I make them disappear?
DeRaj Premium
That is very simple. Just follow this training which will help you to take out or put comment section in any pages or posts:-
plavi001 Premium
Thanks DeRaj, that helped!
zztodd Premium
what do you do if after you write your initial content it gives you the duplicate content message. I don't understand what that means and how to fix it. what if you published it anyway can you still fix it. also when I did my privacy policy and went in and edited it and checked the two boxes but there is still a box for comments on my website at the end of the privacy policy.
GPRAssociate Premium
Hello, can someone help me to find the section in the Word Press Back Door =

"the back office of your website (Wordpress Admin area) through the SiteManager or through SiteContent. When you are within the editor for this page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the following settings"

Robots Meta NOINDEX and Robots Meta NOFOLLOW

I can't seem to find the "editor" and don't know which page I should be on to complete this task. Please help?