As I have been running a website for over a year now, I think the biggest issue I had early on was consistently creating content. It's not that I had trouble creating quality content. I have always been able to write relatively well.

My problem was consistency.

There would be weeks where I would publish one post, others where I'd publish three, some where I would publish none.

Thinking as a reader, if I visited a site that was so inconsistent with posts, it would certainly turn me off to coming back.

However, that's all changed now. I've devised a way that not only helps me stay on track with my posts, but also give me the ability to interact with my community on a consistent basis.

With the system I have implemented, I am able to both keep myself accountable and build trust with my audience at the same time!

I call it "Schedule Posting" and since starting to do it, I have not only become much more regular with my posting, but I've also seen my audience steadily grow!

So, if you are having trouble keeping on track and your site is suffering for it, keep reading to find out what has been working wonders for me!

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