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If you haven't watched the 1st training I've posted, where I reviewed one of my trainee's site, you may want to watch that first, before watching this:

A quick shoutout to @Oscar19855; @APouliot; @midhunvm; @CallMeNick!

I think this video will answer the questions you have on my previous training.

Your friend,

Jack Cao

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Tohin Premium
Oh My God!
Didn't know how much I needed this insight or guideline video until I stumbled upon it.
No wonder the articles I was hesitant on writing some few months ago are now what is bringing the most traffic to my website today.

Thanks so much for your time taken to analyze and bring this to us. That was an awesomely helpful one.

Is it okay to link to this on my website using my affiliate link?

JackCao Premium
Glad this helped Tohin! Of course you can link it out with your affiliate link.
klchang Premium
Hi, Jack, thanks for sharing.
Learned about the content types and buying intent.
Professionally done video and quality content, Jack.
More to come?
JackCao Premium
Keep asking me questions and there may be more. Haha!
Aussiemuso Premium
This was great content Jack. Not sure how to access Google trends? But it all makes a lot of sense.
JackCao Premium
Vickic3 Premium
This is so helpful Jack, Thank you
I am excited to know it is ok to write like this and will follow the process you talked about
JackCao Premium
Of course! Follow the training in WA regarding writing reviews, but before that do all the keyword research you need. The key is always to write better than those ranked at the top.
Vickic3 Premium
Yes indeed and I have been ranking page 1 no1 on Google for many posts which is great however I need to extend myself with say a mini-course and my youtube needs more uploads so I am going to set some news tasks to achieve over the next few months- Thank you, Jack,
midhunvm Premium
Thank you so much, Jack for this followup video.

You answered all the questions we had.

Let me tell you this, you are so much knowledge
about affiliate marketing, have you got these skills
& knowledge through WA alone or used other courses?

Your video is super-high quality, thanks again.

Quick question. Is implementing WA core training+ jay webinars
good enough to make a full-time income($5000/m or more)?

I am asking this because I am overloaded by all other good
affiliate marketing training in the market.

So if WA good enough to build a full-time online business,
I can just focus on WA only.

You are a really successful person and experienced in the
affiliate marketing space, so value your opinion.
JackCao Premium
Yes, WA can lead you to $3k to $5k, I have no doubt, but that alone wouldn't be enough to go beyond $10k or more, in my opinion. My suggestion, for a start, focus on just WA, and do not overload yourself with other info. If you try to learn too much and not taking any action, you will not get anywhere.
midhunvm Premium
Jack, what you are saying makes sense.

I will stick with WA only till I reach $5k level.

Hopefully, when I want to shoot for $10k or more
level, you will be still here to guide me and all
others with the same goal.

Thank you so much for your help, Jack
JackCao Premium
I'll be here, don't worry :)

Although, I dedicate my time to mentoring my referrals, but I'll still try my best to offer my expertise here.