Hi everybody. Loes recently did some training on changing copyright in the footer. Although it was helpful to many members, some members using the free GeneratePress theme said it didn’t work for them.

Many members also cannot access the main stylesheet when using the free GeneratePress them, so in this training, along with how to edit the footer, I will also show how to access the main stylesheet.

The footer will normally show the copyright symbol and your domain along with either: Built with GeneratePress or Powered by GeneratePress, it doesn’t matter, once you’ve followed the training both will disappear and be replaced with the edited version of your footer.

I would recommend using the free GeneratePress theme in a test site. If you make a mistake it won’t matter, just delete and try again. Want to try it? Then let’s begin.

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Loes Premium
Great addition:) I will add it to my training
EstellynWrig Premium
Thanks a lot!
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Hey Brian, these steps are great, except that using the Inspect Element feature of your Browser will not save the changes to your website's server, meaning that no one else will see the change.

Unless I have missed something in your training?