This training is directed at anyone who uses affiliate marketing links in their posts or pages. Mostly for entry level folks but some intermediates might also benefit from a review of why using “nofollow” attributes in your posts is important.

To begin, the term “nofollow” is an HTML attribute which tells search engines that your hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in that particular search engine's index. Why is this important? It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of search engine spam, which improves the quality of the search engine's results. What this means in layman terms is that the search engines will not be able to follow your “nofollow” links. Only a human clicking on your link will be able to reach that link. Google has indicated in the past that they will not weigh a link that isn't “nofollow”, but it is considered best practice to make your affiliate links “nofollow” links.

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StepChook Premium
Thank you Kathy!
johnwnewman Premium
Thanks Kathy :-)
WilliamBH Premium
This is great Kathy .. I encountered these terms last week and I had no clue what they meant. That you for this. Cheers, William.
JerryHuang Premium
Meaning that it's best to make all our affiliate links nofollow? Including those prettylinks?
startouched Premium
Hey, Jerry,
That might require an answer higher than my pay grade, but I use a lot of affiliate links to different locations other than WA. It's just as easy for me to do it when I create the link as to copy in a pretty link ;-)
onmyownterms Premium
Thanks for sharing.