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Hey fellow WA"ers"

This training is about boosting your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is still one of the best strategies to convert leads into buyers.

The thing is, when it comes to email marketing, you want to keep the conversion rates as high as possible! Because the bigger the list, the more money you pay for it!

These 3 tips will help you create laser target email marketing campaigns and skyrocket your conversions!

Let me know what you think!

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Triblu Premium
Excellent advice again Pedro,

Wouldn't want to miss your training ever!

Never knew about tagging when sending blast emails... and I'm not there YET... so is good to know NOW.

Thank YOU!
I-Pedro-I Premium Plus
Thank you, guess you are my #1 "student" ;)

You have to set the tags when you create the email capture form. It's like a "category" inside your email list.

Thank way you can choose to send blast emails only to certain "categories"

You are welcome!

Triblu Premium
Aaaah, that's good to know too.

Your encouragement really did motivate me and I soooo appreciate that Pedro.

Having been made fun of for so many years as a kid, I tend to STILL worry about what others think. Well, not anymore. COVID hair and all, I did what you suggested: and I have even learned to add a subscription button like you suggested.

Before learning what you taught me, I learned how to separate my audio from my video file, clean up my audio file from terrible background noises, and then rejoin my video. Makes my videos sound soooooo much more "professional" too... without those breaths I tend to take every so often when speaking. LOL!
I-Pedro-I Premium Plus
Awesome, well done.

There is a time in our lives that we switch the button and simply do not care anymore about what others think.

You use audacity to remove background noise?
Triblu Premium
Yes... and I find it easy to use too.
The last video I made over this past weekend... I even learned how to remove an "um" that I made by mistake. :-)
I-Pedro-I Premium Plus
On audio and video ?
What you use to EDIT?

Link me your channel plz on a PM ;)
Triblu Premium
Audacity for audio
ApowerEdit for video
Will send you my channel in a PM... and you can do the same and we can connect there too.