First Post: Indexed on Google - Motivation Boost

Last Update: Sep 18, 2018

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After a month, my first keyword rich content has finally been indexed on Google! I've been working on my second keyword rich content for a month now because I haven't had much time to write.

So one day, I finally had time and motivation to finish writing my second post. I thought, "YAY!"... well, I went ahead proofreading and making edits. I saved my work every time I made an edit just to make sure that if my computer decides to shut off for whatever reason that it won't lose my work!

Low and behold, the next day I decided to do a final proofread and as I'm re-reading my post I noticed that all my edits were GONE!!! Everything was gone even after I saved it... what's worse was I added a few paragraphs to the post too! I have never felt as discouraged and unmotivated since I joined WA.

I've been dragging the process of my post yet again even though I really want to publish it. I need to go through proofreading it again and adding whatever I can remember but I've been feeling so unmotivated from that to a point where I started procrastinating.

I've actually been wondering how long it would take for my posts to even get indexed. I was thinking, well my website didn't get indexed until a couple weeks in so maybe my post won't get indexed until months later since I've read from posts off WA that some people haven't had theirs indexed even after writing so many posts.

Well, guess what??? Just as I was procrastinating with my second post, I received an e-mail couple days ago that my first post got indexed on Google!!! That was such exciting news for me and it motivated me to finish up with my second post so that I can start my third post (yes, I went ahead with my training because of what happened).

Now, with this being a motivation I hope I will have my second post published either today or tomorrow!

I've seen my traffic drop since my first post but I guess it's expected since I haven't put any work into it besides brushing up the look of it. I guess I should focus on the content first!!!

Has anyone else had this problem with having work saved and losing it the next time you open it up?

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Congrats with this milestone

Thank you!



Thank you, hopefully what I just went through will keep me going!

Just watch littlemama's videos on her 2 years journey. They offer so much insight, wisdom, tips and tons of encouragement.

Stay the course and trust the plan. It works.

As someone here said, turn IMPOSSIBLE into I'M POSSIBLE.


Sounds good! I should go check out her videos, thanks! =)

Congratulations on getting indexed! That's a great achievement. Wishing you all the best for the future.

Thank you!

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