Help! My iHerb screenshots turn into tiny images

Last Update: August 09, 2016

Hi, everyone

I have some issues I hope some of you may help me with.

Today, I experienced an issue with my iHerb sceenshot images in my iHerb Review.

They have turned into tiny images and that's not what I want. What happened?

That was issue number 1:

Issue number 2: I have 7 header topics: Healing With Coconuts, Benefits, Science. About Tove, Recipes, Reviews and Wealthy Affiliate.

I swear I don't do anything but suddenly out of the blue 7 header topics turn into 14 header topics. They double. I get 2 Healing With Coconuts, 2 Benefits etc. I have to delete the new ones so I just have 7 topics. Then five days goes by and all is fine but then they double again -14 topics and I have to delete seven of them again. This is exhausting. What the heck is going on? Have I lost my mind? It's like my website is living its own life.

I would appreciate a lot if anyone could help me.



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MPollock Premium
If you downloaded them Resize them, most need to be 520/400
PJ has a great training for this.
ToveL Premium
Thanks. I found the issue. The images shrank to tiny images because I deleted them from my image library. I just wanted to make more space for more images. I've learned that I should keep all my images stored in the media.

Thanks for your help.
Yattish Premium
I don't know if this will solve anything, but the best I could suggest is that you try an update your Wordpress to the latest version.

I've never encountered this kind of thing before, but if/when you do manage to resolve it, please let us know.

Regards & Good luck!
ToveL Premium
I have the latest Wordpress.
I have solved my image issue but not issue number 2.

So if you come up with anything some day please let me know.

Yattish Premium
That's great news :)
I will do