slow but better!

Last Update: September 29, 2015

It's been a little slow this past week with level 2 but, my website health is better out of the red in to the yellow looking like a website more & more each day gotta scramble a few eggs to make a omelet, I did a lot of looking at other sites to compare to what I want mine to look like so I got a good idea but i see this will take a little time,but I'm ok with that,but good thing did come out of of looking for free Images for my site I really didn't care for some of the free one's so while looking, I found a site with a good out pock cost for 90 days over 10,000 pic's to look at so yea it's getting better and moving forward a little slow but forward and that's just another piece of the puzzle.

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RonAlderman Premium
You will see your website health improve as you do more and more and do more training. It is exciting to watch it go up as you move along. Keep up the good work!
topnacho Premium
Thanks Ron I'm working on it each day to improve it.