SiteComments Error Found: Name Field Required?

Last Update: May 29, 2019
During Your Giving Comments, Have You Encountered: Name Field Required?

I was busy giving a comment in SiteComments and when I had finished I clicked on the green Submit button and the following error came up:

Does anyone know what this means?

Looking forward to your replies!

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FKelso Premium
Submit is still acting up...I wonder if we are having issues because all of a sudden site comments is getting lots of traffic from the SAC training.
RAFStuart Premium
In a word No, but have had some strange comments when pressing submit, just re-submitted and it usually works.
LLettau1 Premium
Perhaps it is a new feature built into the software.
JanieTH Premium
I have never run into that error, so unfortunately I can't help you, but thanks for asking. Now I'm waiting for the answer, too!