10 Rules of Success according to Elon Musk

Last Update: January 25, 2021

Elon Musk is in my humble opinion, 1 of the brightest & best entrepreneurs to emulate.

Have You heard about Elon Musk?

How much of his story do You know?

Take some time out of your busy life to learn more about Elon Musk and/or anyone who's accomplishing success in life that You would like to work towards.

Do You agree with Elon Musk's 10 Rules of Success?

I absolutely do & I strive daily to become more of the man that God created me to be.

Please share your thoughts about success by commenting below!

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Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Tony,

Thank you for your blog post, it's appreciated.

I don't know very much about Elon Musk, however, from what I see seems to be a very humble man.

I do agree with the top 10 list, there's just one thing I would say and that is to take care when taking a risk. In other words, be careful.

Have a great day Tony and thank you for the motivation.

edhozubin Premium
Now I see how you achieved your 20K day, emulating Elon Musk is a great Entrepreneur to model yourself after. There are only so many Jules Verne's that come along in a life time and with Elon's accomplishments he is there. Tony thank you for your post and share. Wish you the best.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
I love Elon Musk. I saw a program where he told his story. His teacher told him he would never be successful at anything. And that made a huge impact on him he said. He also said it is very hard work and he had to sacrifice relationships, sleep and others things to get to the point he is today. He almost lost his companies but managed to save them. He loves to solve big problems. I think there are few people with visions and a work ethic like him. Gary Vee is the other one I could think of with huge visions and an extreme work ethic and who is a good time manager and problem solver.
mlight56 Premium
That's the way to go if you want to get where you want to go ... have a wonderful day ... be safe stay healthy ... cheers ... Michel
helenwentri2 Premium
Totally agree.