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I'm a work-at-home-mom and have been working in IM for about 10 years now. The majority of that time I have been a member here at WA - and have never regretted it. (An INCREDIBLE resource if you really want to make it in internet marketing.)

If you're new to this industry, I highly recommend WA and not dabbling in it - really do it the way Kyle and Carson lay it out. Study and learn it well, and if you follow the given path, you'll make it. (I am.) :D

PS: Make sure you catch the Live Training Videos by Jay (@magistudios) - the videos are invaluable!
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Hi Tonya,

Great attitude and thanks for the Gold :) guess you liked the Blog of the day?
CliveAnderson Premium
Hi Tonya,
So, we meet once again... Who said the Internet was vast, either that or we are very like minded people, either way it is really good to see you here.

Always good to see a familier face. I don't do Conquer Your Niche anymore (long story) won't bore you, but needless to say I am exeptionally glad I found the WA. Such a professional place with a really good feel factor about it, I have learned so much more already.

Hope it is all working out for you, I'm sure it is. Don't be a stranger... :-)

Kind Regards

Clive Anderson
tonyab Premium
Hiya Clive,

I replied to your email through the forum - yes, it's a "small internet world"
isn't it? It really is good to see you here. I've wondered sometimes about
how you were doing with your biz - WA was a big step for me in boosting
things up - the One Week Marketing book with PotPieGirl took what I knew
from here and sort of "put it over the edge". I can honestly say that those
two things (WA and PPG's book) have been the only things that have given
me a way to truly make a good business online.

It's really great to see you!!!!!! =) Hope all is well.

PaulHuggins1 Premium
Hi, I just read this post from you about PopPieGirl and WA and how it put you 'over the edge' and I wondered if you still feel that way.
tonyab Premium
Hey Paul,

That was quite a long time ago - at the time it was accurate, but I don't agree with that at this point. That book by PotPieGirl was (and is) good, but is now outdated and the information here at WA has been added to A LOT.

Actually I think it's best just to stick around here - it looks to me like (after more than 10 years in this business) that this is the only resource you need, and in fact it would probably just be confusing to go outside of WA to get info.

There are a lot of marketers out there selling their products, and while some of them are good (and some are not), I already know that WA has the "tried and true" ways to do it right, so no need to get distracted by something else. =)
PaulHuggins1 Premium
Thanks. I am glad you advised to just stay here. I need that one step at a time process. This is just perfect here. Thanks again.
tonyab Premium
No problem Paul. Good luck!
DianeG Premium
Hello there Tonya and sweet Sam!

You both look so great and I love seeing your picture here. Please be my buddy! Or should I say, "buddies"! I am starting week one today. Crazy it has taken so long, but here I am finally. This is really fun. This time around, I am not rushing through. Thanks for turning me onto this site. Talk to you soon!
tonyab Premium
Friend? Really? Well... I'll have to think about it - NOT!

Great to see you here love!!!!!!

I love your pic - it shows off how gorgeous you really are. :)
Regmm6 Premium
Hi tonyab,
Just stop by to say hello and nice profile. Like to make you my buddy if that's OK and you may do the same if you like. Please write back and let me know if it's OK. Looking forward to helping one another in the future.

Hey Tonya,
Sorry I didn't reply when you introduced yourself but have been rather occupied on other endeavors lately and I appologize for that. I see you are in the Denver area. I am about an hour west of C.Springs where it is snowing now quite hard. Would like to know if you are doing as well as you had expected to do by this time here at WA.after a year and 1/2? I have started w with the BUM methos and have several articles at the top of google with only a couple of sales...but failure is not an option.
Take Care.
Colorado J