My progress

Last Update: January 25, 2016

Where am I at this point?

At first I was using this training to help my existing site that is hosted elsewhere. I did make the decision to move it to WA. Haven't done it yet as I want to make sure I do everything correctly. I was progressing through "Get Started Here" and wasn't even contemplating the Affiliate Bootcamp at this stage of the game. However I was curious and took a peak at it and the more I looked the more I liked what I saw. I put the first training on hold and started the Affiliate Bootcamp training.

My new site was born

I am just getting started so it is not much yet. I have chosen a domain name but am second guessing it because it is quite long and may change it.Currently it is legitimatewaystomakepassiveincome

I am motivated!

I am excited about this program and its potential. Well, gotta get back to the training. I would say wish me luck but there is no luck to it. Perseverance will prevail!


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felixwebman Premium
Awesome attitude! All the best!