Is Google Playing Games With Us?

Last Update: November 28, 2013

Is Google playing games with us

I heard a news report about Google that all of the top searches are payed advertisement and the most expensive are shown first. So in other words the first couple of pages are payed advertisement on searches of items that people are searching for. Examples like bicycles,electronics and all of our niche websites products. That must be the reason why they do not want us to use keywords with SEO anymore. The researchers have been trying to get answers from Google but they will not respond to any of there questions. So I did some searching myself and everytime I searched for an item and then when I go to the search results almost all the results were large department stores or big businesses that carry the items. When I go on there page all of there pages are full of merchandise with no content anywhere to be found. So is google playing games with us. This is just my opinion maybe you can do your own searches on individual items and find out for your selfs. We can not compete with all of these big guys like amazon, bestbuy, target, Walmart and so on they have all of the big money to throw around and it seems like google is taking bribes from them or maybe I am just crazy :)

Since October 4th when so called hummingbird came out I have lost a lot of traffic to my site, before that day I was getting over 3000 visits per month and now I am well below 1000 per month and I am doing all of my updates as usual.

So what is going on here?

Is anyone else having the same problems?


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kws123 Premium
Traffic is not what it should be...thought my content was not up to par as 1st page listings are not producing well.
tommydillard Premium
Yes I know all of my pages have lost a lot of ratings also