The Shocking Truth About Choosing Your Niche.

Last Update: July 19, 2019

It takes more than "passion" alone to create a money making blog! Keep reading and find out the shocking truth about choosing your niche. It is my sincere desire to shed light on the subject of choosing a niche for beginners. So, lets get right to it.

" I do think you can make money in almost any niche that you decide to enter. However, some niches are a lot easier to build an aucience and make money with thatn others."

-Paul Sctrivens

Here is a email that I received from which demonstrates the 3 Shocking Truth for choosing a niche which are passion, demand, earning potential. I quote her email in it's entirerty to stress the point that it take more than just "passion" to choose a niche.

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Hey there,

Do you know how most bloggers select their niche?

  1. They start blogging about a topic that interests them without initially giving any consideration to generating income.
  2. Or they strategically build a site around a topic they know will generate income, but they don't give two hoots about the topic. They just want to make money.

You will never make decent money with the first strategy. You can make money blogging with the second — but it won’t work over the long run. You’ll get burned out and quit.

With that in mind, here is my proven 3-step blueprint for deciding on your niche topic.

Passion + Demand + Earning Potential = A Successful Blog

1. Passion

To become an authoritative blogger, you’ll need to become an expert on your topic. You don't have to start as an expert, but over time, you must build your knowledge base.

If you don't love your topic, learning more about it will drive you crazy. Eventually, you'll want to chew off your own foot to escape the boredom!

If you want to build a business with your blog, view your niche as a marriage partner. Do you love this topic enough that you can live with it day in and day out, in good times and bad?

Remember, you don't have to be an expert in your passion initially. Over time, you will grow into being an expert. But you do need to feel the love — or at least a very, very strong attraction.

2. Demand

Once you have a niche in mind that you feel passionate about, you'll need to determine if there's an audience out there equally passionate or interested in your topic.
Keyword research is a great way to find out how many people are searching for your topic in the search engines. Research helps to pick the best niche topic.

There are a variety of free and paid keyword research tools available. Here are two of the best free ones:

  • - helps you find key phrases and words and to see how many people are searching for that topic.
  • Google Search - to see how many people search for that niche topic.

3. Earning Potential

If you can provide solutions, support, and value to your reader — and if there's a way to package that in products or services — you can find a way to monetize your blog.

One of the most lucrative monetizing methods is by creating your own products and services to offer your readers. You have complete control of the message and quality, and you receive 100% of the income generated on your blog with your products.

By considering Passion + Demand + Earning Potential = A Successful Blog, you will exponentially increase your likelihood of success — while feeling more fulfilled and happier with your blogging journey.

Happy and profitable blogging,


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Thank you for reading and please share you thoughts the comments.

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