Just another Sunday Motivation

Last Update: March 26, 2017

Did you see that? Did you see how I downplayed this post simply by adding those dreadful two words to the beginning of the title? Seriously, how is it that two simple words can take something that was supposed to draw people in, be in some way motivating, and brighten peoples day- and turn it it to "just another blog post at WA"

"Just another" has to be one of my least favorite phrases.. it ranks right up there with the words "I can't" in fact it has become a rule in my house that when someone chooses to use the words "I can't" they are therefore automatically required to then add the word "YET" in order to have any hope for a response to the phrase.

The reason I hate the phrase "just another" is simple. This is not "just another" blog post. These are my thoughts and they matter. I am not "just another" girl writing a blog, I am a wife, a mother, a student, and an entrepreneur and all of that matters to someone.

The man who served my breakfast at McDonald's this morning was not "just another" man serving my food. He was somebody's whole world, a man working hard for a living, and even a man doing a job that most people mock and would be less than thrilled to do. Just like the seemingly successful business man I am looking at right now at Starbucks in the suit with the computer is not "just another" business man. He is doing something important for someone, perhaps he is educated and owes thousands in student loans. Perhaps he is not and he worked day and night to become successful on his own.

I also did not do "just another" load of laundry for my kids this morning, nor am I cooking "just another" dinner for my family tonight. The mom's at the park, the dads playing catch with their kids, the families attending church this morning, the single parents, the grandparents, the teenagers, the elderly, and everyone doing anything right at this moment.... it is not "just another" day and you are not performing "just another" task.

You ARE working hard

You ARE parenting

You ARE spending another day with your family

You ARE doing something that matters to someone

Do not take away from the greatness you bring to the table each and every day by adding those dreadful two words "just another". It discredits what you are doing, who you are, and allows others to do the same. Take control of everything you have to offer and know that without all of these "just another" moments, your world and probably many others who don't even know it would be very different today.

I am not "just another" girl writing a Sunday blog post, and you are not "just another" person reading it.

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smgib Premium
Love that last line! :-) I love the way you think. Susan :-)
TKCeja Premium
Thank you for the kind words Susan!
JeanineBrown Premium
Hi Tatiana,
Thanks for the post. Have a motivating day, all day!!

WAwannab Premium
Hello Tatiana,

Thank you for that "Very Special" Sunday Motivation! You are so right about that! Words are so important, even just two.

I also agree with the use of "I can't" In my classroom, I have a posted saying that reads... (I can) is more important that (IQ)"

Thank you for the message, it is something worth thinking about on this special Sunday afternoon.

(Not just another follower)
TKCeja Premium
Awesome Randy! Thank you for your reply! I love that you have that posted in your classroom! Kids are the first to get into the "I can't" rut and we as adults tend to forget to help them out. Mostly because we have fallen in as well. It is so important! Thanks again for the compliments and the kinds words and you are very much appreciated!