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I was born in May 1960 in Norwalk, Ohio to an unknown woman. Due to extenuating circumstances, my sister and I were taken from our biological mom and put in a foster home. I was adopted by a young christian couple from the south. They were Louis and Helen Hooks.

I had a wonderful Dad and grandmother that I will always cherish. I was an only child, but for the most part my childhood was good and I was well cared for. My Dad was my roll model and taught me many things. He taught me how to tie my shoes, ride a bike, go fishing, how to play pool and drive a car.

I got married at the age of 18 just to get out of the house because Helen and I just didn't see eye to eye with each other. I experienced much anxiety from her through my life. My first marriage didn't last because he left me and went into the national guards. That left me living in my car for a short time.

In October 1978 I met a second man and ended up staying with him 16 years, till he died of cancer on July 17, 1995. Together we traveled, had two children, girl and boy. He was not a very good father figure but he made sure the bills were paid. He lived his life and I lived mine raising two children. Life has always been a struggle for me.

I was not happy in my life because I was wasting my days away on getting high and that influence started with the man I was with. So I began searching and praying to God. I began studying the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses and was baptised September 24, 1988. I began learning about high moral values and cleaning my life up. I made new friends that I could feel comfortable around and enjoy spending time with. Learning God's word added stability in my life. But being a witness is not easy.

After thirty years go by I struggle with my faith because they do not teach you how to earn money in the world we live in today. Factory jobs is all I know and has been my whole adult life.

I remarried in September of 2001 and that lasted four years. He broke the marriage by being unfaithful more times than I can count. He was extremely abusive. So my son and I were forced to leave in March 2004. I have been single since then. My children are grown, married and have four children each of their own, happy, living their own lives.

There is ONE MAN that I feel deserves credibility in my life. I met him shortly after I left the last husband, in March 2004. His name was Steve Cramer and was truly my best friend. I found true love in my life. For two short years I was very happy. Then he died in October of 2006.

In 2007 I met my biological Mom for the very first time. My daughter is responsible for doing some research online and finding her. At the time she lived in Connecticut. I was 46 years old first time meeting my mother. Her name is Nicki Dake and I found out I have three brothers and five sisters, including me. After my Mom and I connected, I legally changed my name and she moved to Ohio. I built a relationship with her and we love to go out and eat chinese.

For many, many years I struggled with this big deep dark hole inside of me, not knowing who I was. Then finally that was filled in when my Mom and I connected. We stay in touch, she is 81 years young and still going strong. She just recently moved to Florida to be closer to her children.

The things that I love to do is cook, bake, sew, camping, fishing, riding a bike, reading and playing pool. Someday I would love to have my own pool table in my own home.

I am 57 years old and divorced. I have been single for 12 years. A year ago I moved to Florida from Ohio. My daughter lives in Florida so I am currently living with her and family. I desperately need my own place. I am on disability and have limited work skills. I bought my laptop back in 2010 with the intention of learning how to make money online. I have had two jobs in the last ten years and in order to live here in Florida, I need to supplement my income.

I have been searching the internet for ways to improve my income. I have a little experience in affiliate marketing, I was doing a review on Jeff Davis with Insider Profit System and was then referred here to Wealthy Affiliates. I really enjoy spending time on my laptop and I want to learn. I really want this to work.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my profile, I felt that I needed to be a little more descriptive so you can get to know me. Have a good day to all who read this.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
Being on disability, I am allowed $1,100 / mo
Money I would be ecstatic earning
$2,000 - $5,000 a month. This would cover my medical prescriptions.
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
Everyday is free time... 4-8 hours a day.
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Oct 21, 2017
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Tjwdake22 Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
Being on disability, I am allowed $1,100 / mo

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
$2,000 - $5,000 a month. This would cover my medical prescriptions.

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
Everyday is free time... 4-8 hours a day.
keljusash Premium
Hi. I also get disability. I want to make as much money as I can and get off. LOL Good luck.
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Shayne329 Premium
Welcome to the Premium life!
Biggsta Premium
Great job on taking that next big step on going Premium, it's something that you will not regret doing! If you ever feel lost with the training or need a hand with anything, please don't hesitate to ask and I'll be more than happy to help you out. Good luck to you here at WA and I wish you nothing but great success.

JasonJF Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
JasonJF Premium
Hey, Tella, thanks again for stopping by on my profile and welcome again to wealthy affiliate.

You are in good hands here and all you need to do now is follow along with the training and take action.

If anything seems a bit overwhelming for you, be sure to ask for help and you will get it.

I look forward to helping as much as possible.

Talk soon :)
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Welcome Teila, to Wealthy Affiliates and thanks for accepting my invitation to check it out.

There's a lot to learn here, the best place to start is the level 1 certification course. So start with the first lesson by clicking on the link below. Be sure to create a profile and add a picture, that way you'll get lots of help from all the members in WA. You'll find out how to do this in the getting started link above.

If you can do this, (i.e.) follow simple instructions, (implementing as you go), soon you will be on your way to making your first sale.

And also know that you can access me for 1-on-1 support by leaving a message on my profile https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jasonjf or by private message if you are a premium member.

There are a ton of other features you have access to right now, but they are explained in your main training linked above. Your #1 job right now is to get to lesson 1!


Teila, I also wanted to let you know that if you join the premium membership in this 7-day window you'll get a TON of awesome stuff.

First off, you'll get a 61% discount ($19.95 for 1 month) on your membership.

☆ ☆ Bonus #1: Live Case Study 4 Part Webinar Series

Get access to a 4-Part-Series Live Case Study Webinar. It's video series where a professional internet marketer creates a complete 'niche website'. All steps are included and thoroughly explained, including research, rank, content creation and monetization.

The site is now earning over $400 per day. Total length of the videos is 4+ hours

This will give you a broad overview of the type of site you will create on Wealthy Affiliate. I think it's always a good idea to know the direction you are headed before you start your journey.

Please feel free to ask questions in the community through live chat or the Getting Started classroom above. Or as I mentioned before, hit me up anytime you want in WA.

Anyway, I know you'd be eager to have a browse around so I'll let you get your feet wet.

Best of luck Teila, and don't forget you can always ask me for help!

Your friend,