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December 07, 2017
There are two major ways to make money in affiliate marketing. One is to have an information site and the other is a number of niche market domains. It is hard for most of us to stay away from information sites. That is what I see with new members, OK, start an information site but don't neglect niche market domains. That is where your success most likely lies.I suggest that all members read Jay's Blue Print for finding a niche market and working a niche market domain. He cuts right to the poin
October 17, 2017
Some of our members have been affected by the Napa Valley fires. I've been there a number of time never suspecting it was a fire hazard zone, just beautiful vineyards and wineries. I have not been there since the tremendous buildup in housing in fire-hazard areas.I won't mention the name of one of our members. He had to hose down the roofs of buildings but the family is now in the middle of the grape harvest without damage. He is very fortunate. Like the folks in the Caribbean and Southeast, th
IntroductionOne of the main points taught at WA is that you must target your market. That is why we dig deep for niche markets where people are looking for something that we can supply at a profit.After we find that group of people wanting something and having money to spend, we must reach them. That can be a problem but we are taught here how to solve that problem.An Unwanted Product for a Non-Existing MarketI was an executive for a Fortune 500 company for many years. I was in charge of resear
Here is a good source for setting up a sales funnel so that you can get back end sales. John
This is from WordTracker. Helpful info for Adwords (or Bing Yahoo) users. How to prepare your ads.
July 05, 2017
I had a problem with WordPress not being able to load a new site normally. In the process of WA Support solving that problem they told me about the WA Speed function. To join the Beta you need to go to and IN THE COMMENTS say that you would like to try the Beta.Go to your site login and without logging in go to SitePlus+, click on that and then SiteSpeed and click "ON". Unlike cache programs, there is no setup. I removed my cache plugin but you should deactivat
Last Saturday I got a wild hair and purchased a domain focused on teenagers. Now why would am 85 old man who is dying of heart disease do such a thing? It 's ridiculous! Yes, the site is up and running after with some theme troubles, trying different themes.My family just laughs at my silly behavior:"Grandpa, there is always tomorrow.""Dad. It will keep you going!""Grandpa, you still get out of bed in the morning."Maybe it is because I have unbridled optimism. Maybe it's because I'm just plain
I sometimes like menu headings to be just that, a heading. Then I can place pages and posts under the headings. Well, after many seconds of research, I learned how easy it is to do that:Go to your WP menu function.Choose Custom LinkFor the title of the link, place #Add a Subtitle with the name of the heading.Add it to the menu.Click on the edit function and remove the # symbol. Click Cancel, not remove.Now add whatever pages and post you want under that heading.So There!John
Steve wrote a fantastic blog post to help us get moving profitably in our business. I didn't think the post stayed on top of the TOP TEN list for every one to get a look at it. I asked Steve of I could make sure everyone got to see his main points by creating a video and publishing it here as a tutorial. He watched the video and gave me his approval. However, not many are seeing the video either. Steve's blog is post URL is on my video introduction.My video is:
That is how it was described by the "bug" in Men in Black.Some live about one hundred years, most less. It is hard to portion out our lives when we are young. When we grow old, some of us, that becomes a big problem. For example:I like to fish. That's hard when your body is going out.I like to paint. I would like to improve, but that takes time and more painting. I have only so many canvases left and a long list of request from my family members--one more flower before you die, one more bird, o