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June 17, 2017
I sometimes like menu headings to be just that, a heading. Then I can place pages and posts under the headings. Well, after many seconds of research, I learned how easy it is to do that:Go to your WP menu function.Choose Custom LinkFor the title of the link, place #Add a Subtitle with the name of the heading.Add it to the menu.Click on the edit function and remove the # symbol. Click Cancel, not remove.Now add whatever pages and post you want under that heading.So There!John
June 13, 2017
Steve wrote a fantastic blog post to help us get moving profitably in our business. I didn't think the post stayed on top of the TOP TEN list for every one to get a look at it. I asked Steve of I could make sure everyone got to see his main points by creating a video and publishing it here as a tutorial. He watched the video and gave me his approval. However, not many are seeing the video either. Steve's blog is post URL is on my video introduction.My video is:
April 18, 2017
That is how it was described by the "bug" in Men in Black.Some live about one hundred years, most less. It is hard to portion out our lives when we are young. When we grow old, some of us, that becomes a big problem. For example:I like to fish. That's hard when your body is going out.I like to paint. I would like to improve, but that takes time and more painting. I have only so many canvases left and a long list of request from my family members--one more flower before you die, one more bird, o
April 14, 2017
I had a heart attack on Tuesday Evening. It was diagnosed as "Small." That was much lower than I was thinking at the time. I was released last evening and I am now at home. No intrusive procedures were performed because my (many) doctors said that it was too risky. Therefore I have a number of changes in my many medications.It is good to be home to be pampered by family and our caregivers.I tried to post earlier but there was something wrong with the system.John
March 30, 2017
I wrote some time back that i was leaving in May. Well, my doctor said I'll probably be around for a few more years so I decided to stay for year 10. I host my sites here and I still have about a dozen active sites so I may as well stay here rather than shutting all my sites down now. I've started updating my sites again.I'll be renewing in May.John
March 30, 2017 Appleton wrote this article on hacking. . John
January 29, 2017
I'm 85 and no longer am working the markets. I'm spending what time I have left painting. I will not be renewing my membership in May so will not start that 10th year after all.I have made some very good friends at WA and I appreciate that association. That is what I will miss most. I will leave my email address in case somebody wants to say hello: tjbooks@yahoo.comI have put my websites up for auction at Godaddy (list on request by PM).John and Pat JonesBuhl, IdahoP.S. Yes it is my painting,
December 31, 2016
Some years ago my Number 3 Son came up to me and said, "Dad, Build me a website."He is a veterinarian but he had been selling Irish flutes and whistles for a long time. So we put up really didn't know how my son was running his flute business but the first thing he did was to tell everyone on his email list about his new website. His sales dramatically increased about four times even though he was selling to the same customers. Now he was using his website in co
December 16, 2016
A Christmas Wishby© John Taylor JonesDecember 16, 2016Greetings to those we dearly love!Thanks to God who rules above,Who gives us life On this blue globe And hope from HimHis Holy Son.Our love to youWho have lost friends and kin,life for them has just beganIn God’s Great KingdomTo never end.As I grow oldAs a gnarled oak treeI see you in GodAnd God in Thee.He has given thee truthAnd set you free!Our love to You All!Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad!John and Pat
December 01, 2016
If you are not making dough, it might be your copy. Take this free course by Alan .Sharpe to get the kinks out of your presentations; OR Business Tool CenterNote: Kav had trouble with his cell phone and put mamu replies below. I coudn't remover them as he requeted. You don't have to read them all! lol