One Day at a Time-21 day Challenge Day 6

Last Update: January 31, 2019

I am feeling thankful today because we had record COLD temperatures where I live. If you didn't have to be outside it was advised DON'T GO outside. Being able to write this post from home makes me so thankful to God. I prayed to work for myself and the opportunity was presented here at WA. Although, I haven't left the job just yet, I believe as I put in the work that can soon become my reality

Working On WA Site

I haven't written in a few days due to concentrating on optimizing my website. I am currently going through more training videos making sure that I understand how to build my website up.

Slow But Steady

Also, working on writing more content for the site and going over old content and making improvements.

I know I will get there if I don't give up!.

Thanks for taking time to read this WA community

Blessings and Much Success to you,


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Babou3 Premium
Yes I saw the news about the "Cold Monster" in USA.
In Switzerland is not so cold but
winter is on our doorstep.
Keep on writing, you are improving day by day..

FranCallado Premium
Keep up the awesome job, T. Consistency is key. Slowly but steady.
Tipqmon11 Premium
Yes, so True! Thanks so much Fran! :-)
Marley2016 Premium
Congratulation, and yes, it has been cold here as well,
great time to work on WA - I did that once and probably
need to do it again go back over my websites and make
sure they are optimized.
I am redoing my schedule that I set for 2019 it is not
working the way it should be.
Thank you so much for sharing!
Tipqmon11 Premium
Thanks Susan for the encouragement! Much success to you!