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I'm currently chilling with my dad and 2 brothers. One of which is a new dad. I just wanted to say happy fathers day. May all you fathers and single mothers playing both roles enjoy this day and be spoiled rotten by your loved ones!
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I didnt post about the first post that was indexed in google about a week ago but i didnt want to miss sharing about this one! I was just notified that another post of mine was indexed.Another proud moment! yay!
Hey guys, i just finished level 2 in training and now im on to level 3!, I'm moving along swiftly and smoothly. Just wanted to share the news.. Thank you for all of the feedback and support, It's really appreciated! (:
Well, so far I am happy.These last couple of weeks I have been progressing and my website that was once blan and boring, because I didn't know what I was doing, is now awesome with pretty cool content and I have feedback! Joyous, beautiful, honest feedback from all of you and I am so grateful.My niche is miscellaneous. Because I've had my blog for years but never really took it seriously until now. It's really a lifestyle/ travel blog that has all kinds of different elements and niches within i
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