Pressing Toward The Mark

Last Update: July 02, 2015

Progress thus far: I have made it to Course 2, Lesson 10. I have created my website, It is still a work in process, I have seen other members of WA and there are some really Professional looking sites here. I will be making some changes. What I want to know is how do they get a gravatar image and how to get social media buttons on their page? Maybe that's down the line and I'm way ahead of myself. I have not quit, "that is success". Goals for next 3 months: I plan on changing my page to look more like a business and be come more knowledgeable about my niche and create better content. And in 6 months: Same as you, join an affiliate program and get paid. Shoot! Take a look at previous post and goals, you will see that this post is progress.

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MisterWailor Premium
To get a gravatar image, sign up on For social button, you install a plugin, search for "social" and choose one you like.
TheTank44 Premium
Got my gravatar, thank you very much.
geego Premium
Good going Larenso, continue working towards your goals and never give up