Contern Farms and My 7 Wonders of WA

Last Update: March 14, 2011

Kyle and Carson have been on top of things by letting us know what is up from their perspective on this Content Farm thing.  The forum thread is quite good! Here are some things I am still wondering about as it relates to what I have been taught previously about getting traffic and ranking. Of course it ALL has to do with BACKLINKING!  my nemesis   My wish is that my unique content would make the need for all this extra posting here there and everywhere less important. I am not a gadget, clicking geek, so I hate that part.

1. Linkwheels-- Which Web2.0 should I stay away from?  The only one that was mentioned as no change was Squidoo.

2.  Can I still use AMA  Free Traffic System  UAW etc to help boost my sites? In the forum one guy said not to, but .... I do not spin  I re-write sentences so the articles are pretty unique  at least for those things.

3. Social Bookmarking-- Are Digg etc considered content farms as SO many people only use them for backlinks?

4.  RSS feed aggregators-- Do they fit into this issue ( like Feed AGG)How to I get an author Feed for my Street Account?

5. Blog Commenting:  I still do not get why Google make a blog comment less valuable if you post more than once to the same blog.  To me a back and forth conversation on a relevant topic and continuing over time, is what they should want you to do. Not go off an comment on 100 to 200 blogs just for links.

6.  Follow/No Follow -- Does that have anything to do with change?  In the past most people felt it really did not make that much of a difference. 

7. Press releases-  They look like a cool way to get more unique content, but do they do any good?  I think they would be more for traffic than links?  

Well that is what my brain is wondering-- May-be someone will write a great tutorial on this!!!  Hint Hint




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