Been Busy

Last Update: May 05, 2011

I have been busy and hope to finally be on the road to weekly plan that will be more efficient!

Little Rhody got me into a thing he does with tickets.  That is bringing in some income. You have to put your time in, but it does work.

I have a course I bought and need to start  on real products.  My WA background and tools will come in very handy.

My  educational affiliate product is selling well, and the owner is enlisting my help to maintain the site.

I have been able to do some writing for folks to bring in the $$ to pay for AMA and A Weber.

I still am way below my goal of $2000 a month income from this.  so we shall see. 

Linking linking linking I hate it, and it is not hard, I just do not have a system going that I force myself to follow.  I can't wait for the day I can outsource it, but a light is at the end of the tunnel, I see a pattern coming.......

Thats it for now



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