Setting goals!

Last Update: September 03, 2017

Life passes so quickly and to take an opportunity and run with it is a choice/decision that is sometimes hard to make. So I am setting my goal as I have a new domain website up but not like other sites I have seen. I have issues with the graphics and when I go to categorize it, it works fine, then I come back to find out it is not working. I have been working on the headings in posts and the SEO part. I had to clean up so put a lot of posts in trash and will decide later to post or not. Choices. So my goal is to finish what I have done in the way of postings and the back end of the website, graphics and comments on top of that for a set date of September 15, 2017. I think it is the perfect day to have it all in running condition. As far as I am concerned this is a success post as I have a new website on my own domain! Even though the website isn't awesome! I rant about life. Anyway, thanks for all the great posts and websites I have seen this morning. Wow.

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Catherine sounds like things are coming together, we always get those little things that need tweaking, I like the idea of setting deadlines it kind of makes one jump to it. All the best I see that you joined back in March 2015 are you just getting back to it.
Therial Premium
Hi Alex,
Yes, I left to do some other things and they needed all my attention. It has been a very busy two years but well worth the experience and learning curve. Sometimes you have to double down the hand your given and fly by the seat of your pants, pray hard because you have no clue what the end result is suppose to be. When you lose on a double down, you pick yourself back up and realize you are better off than when you started, you still have what you came with and learned a whole lot more on the road.
AlexEvans Premium
I have to agree with you there sounds like you have had some adventures, they always add a little spice to life for sure, best wishes as you enact your project, sometimes flying by the seat of your pants can be the best way to go.