Rewards of the DAY!

Last Update: March 29, 2015

While trying to figure out the pictures for the review I accidentally uploaded pictures I didn't know I had. These pictures mean a lot to me and thought I had lost them forever. I did not know they were there on my computer all this time.

A big thanks to bluedot for his help. I learned to resize and the picture became clearer.

While this isn't the success everyone is hoping to hear, it was a huge success for me.

Now I have to learn about screen shots and post them. Time for a little break:)

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MarineMom Premium
Happy for you!
motivated614 Premium
It's great you were able to retrieve the pIcs. I have lost pictures before and was truly devastated. Congrats to you!
MarieKi Premium
Picutes means a lot! If they are lost it is a bad feeling. Glad you got it back!
Therial Premium
Thank you everyone. Yes! They meant a lot. What a great site to learn so many new things:)