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HI again,Not yet to bed, It's now 02:31Following the blog I just wrote: just want to share another good news. I was thinking about sharing it some other day because I've just written a blog. Then I say no, let me share it now as it is still hot. So here it is:This is another reason why I always publish my article through SiteContent. I encourage you to follow my step and use SiteContent; it's indeed a great tool. If you have n
September 13, 2019
Hi Everybody,It's 02:07 here in my country. I woke up at midnight to note that I have a sore throat. I've taken some medicine. Wife and Kids are on the Moon. Then I prepared a hot juice (Pure tea mixed with honey and fresh lemon juice); If she was on Earth, she would have prepared that for me. Anyway now I feel much better.Just checked my email. See below the good news I've got at this time:Here is another way that you can earn passive income. I was sleeping when $ come in.It's not the first ti
April 11, 2019
Hi everybody,This is my 90th WA blog. Kyle gave me the opportunity to take up the Super Affiliate 2020 challenge. So please wish me all the best. Thx.In this challenge, in addition to all other tasks, I will have to blog here on a weekly basis. So hope to share with you interesting topics.It's 00:40 here, it's better I go to bed now if I don't want to be late tomorrow at work.Cheers,Usiba.PS: Sorry for being too short today. Hope to be able to write some 1000 interesting words next week. It's j
January 05, 2018
Google Website Ranking ToolHere I'm referring to our wonderful Jaaxy. In addition to Keyword & Niche Research, you can also check your Website Ranking on Jaaxy.I got amazing results within 12 hours of publishing my last Wealthy Affiliate Blog. My blog is ranked not only in Google but in Bing and Yahoo as well. See below.In my last blog "my experience at Wealthy Affiliate" I was referring to the certification course. Kyle gave a good reason for us to blog on the WA platform.Note: This screen
My Experience at Wealthy AffiliateHi everybody,At the Wealthy AffiliateBefore sharing my experience at the Wealthy Affiliate, let me wish you a happy new year.I wish you much success in your online endeavour. Hope we all achieve our goals this year.Well I'm somewhere on the certification course where I was prompted to share my progress so far. So I won't be long. In addition to what I have achieved last year (which you can read on my profile description), I now have the following:a facebook acc
Hello my dear friends,As you may have noted, I was a bit rare on the platform. No blogs, no questions, no training, no live chat. My Wealthy Affiliate rank has moved down, down and down, until today it's at 99. No worries because... I'm enjoying Jaaxy.On 03/Sept, I upgraded to Jaaxy Pro. So today it's one month that I have been using Jaaxy. On 03/Sept when I upgraded, a few members wanted me to share my experience with it. So here you are:I made a very big mistake by not upgrading when I first
October 04, 2017
Hi everybody,I'm pleased to let you know that I've received my first Cash Credit from the training "Creating your own gravatar account". This is indeed an encouragement for me to publish more training on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.Thank you for your continued support.Usiba
September 04, 2017
Hi everybody,Every moment counts. So enjoy every moment of your life, specially those you spend here on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, the best platform to make consistent legit money online.New badge earned. The 1 year Badge. Yes it's already one year I'm here and I'm enjoying every moment.On this occasion I've offered myself a Jaaxy Pro upgrade.Jaaxy Pro UpgradeMY ACCOMPLISHMENTSI guess you want to know about what I have accomplished in this very first year. I've added a last paragraph in my
September 03, 2017
Hi everybody,I'm happy to let you know that I've just upgraded to Jaaxy Pro.I really love the Favicon of Jaaxy. It is super helpful when you have so many tabs open.If you have not yet upgraded, then I invite you to join me.Usiba.
August 17, 2017
Hi,The secret of my successI love you allUsiba