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TheAffiliatePool promotes getting educated for making money from the most trending programs and softwares in the affiliate marketing arena. Home Business Programs, Softwares & Tips. Most importantly give people a chance for creating a well built foundation with good education for potential success.

Hi Guys and Gals, my name is Travis Miller, and I am Owner-Operator of TheAffiliatePool.com@68Productions LLC here in Denver Colorado. I embrace everything new about getting education for the online activities TheAffiliatePool.com side of my business requires, and being "Trendy and Fasionable" in the car world that my 68Productions Classic Car business end requires me to be. I was the kid in highschool that was building the car in the garage, a 68 Chevrolet shortbox classic rally wheels and all, while my friends where more interested in gettng into things they shouldn't. I'm no angle by any stretch of the imagination, as a matter of fact I think I put together one to many parties for my friends as I grew up. It set me up fr being more of an observer, being more effective for future life adversities. It works well and I stay mostly comfortable as long as I can give back the good things I have run accross over the years.

I still run my small time Car Restoration business, but I have stretched into the internet and have set up an out-let for people to get some valuable information as they commute to being successful people. It is not exactly the hardest thing in the world at my age, 35, but a year and a half ago I went back to school at DeVry University where I study to get my BSBA (Batchelors of Science & Business Administration). Doing very well, as a matter of fact 4.0 GPA. To some that may not seem like a lot, but I was a substandard student avoiding my potential in highschool. I cared more about "Trophies", getting girls and being the best in my band classes; first trumpet next to the senoir kids.

I will quit boring you know with the about "novel," and just remind you that I only care about value and the extention to my future personal as well as my clients and customers success. I really think that this site is one of the most valuable places I have stumbled upon in the last year of doing my business. Not to say it wasn't exactly what I was looking for yet, but you learn, take in take action and embrase the gifts that come into your life. Opportunity is always there, but it is what you make of it that counts the most! -Travis Miller TheAffiliatePool.com@68Productions LLC
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pokokitty Premium
Thanks for the return follow, and welcome
I do appreciate the welcome... I look forward to the interaction within the community with you! Thanks Again -Travis-
winsuccess Premium
Hello, thanks for the follow!
No Problem, Thank you!
Hi Travis, welcome to WA. Best of luck to you. Thanks for adding me.
Absolutely Meredith! Best of luck to you as well... I smell Premium around the corner for me... I love the structure and base of the community here!
Carson Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

I wanted to stop by and officially welcome you to WA and ask you if you have any questions about getting started?

We have every tool, training resource, and support channel to help you build a thriving online business and I am personally here to help you succeed.

The "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course is my suggestion on where to get started and you will find this on your dashboard or within the main menu:

I hope to get a chance to work with you soon :)

Thanks Carson for the Welcome! Yeah Inoticed that the tools are very readily available for users on this site! I just happen to promote valuable place like this-Just did- I will certainly check out the tip, I always enjoy seeing the things that people I suggest to a site will be going through; it supports credibility and relieves and doubts about reliable education... As a business owner in support of my clients I try to find the most valuable content for least expensive programs, networks and software that are out there. In short, I am still growing and there are lots of ingenuous suggestion sites just looking to squeeze a penny from the desperate and broke. This is definitly one of those very embracing locations that help new business and online entrepreneurs Thanks again like the hard work!

I hope to get to work with you as well Carson,

"TheAffiliate" Travis
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Thanks for the follow. have a nice day and see you around.
No problem Thanks for the follow back... You as well!