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November 20, 2021
When I started the business of content writing here in WA, I wondered how will I know that I am doing the right thing or if I am on the right path. Several members could answer any questions that we have if ever we encountered a wall. Some members can evaluate our content and website through feedback. And other members can provide training, information, and advice on how to best proceed with this business.I am thankful that I met a friend which became my mentor. He validates every content that
October 14, 2021
I am about to finish my latest content so I could post it before going to sleep last night when suddenly I have double vision and my head becomes wobbly. I felt dizzy. I closed my eyes and went to sleep hoping it will go away.I wake at 4:00 AM and the world is spinning, as my wife assisted me I struggled to go to the bathroom because I needed to vomit. Alas, my plans for the day were altered because of the situation.Instead of waking up early to finish another content, continue with the trainin
October 09, 2021
I am finally done with Level 3. I have learned so much from all that training. Moving to premium is definitely worth it, Moving to Level 4, Mastering Social Engagement training. Looking forward and so excited! Thank you to the WA family especially those who helped me out when I am stuck. Thank you Ivanbroz my mentor and Kyle for the motivation.See you all at the top!
September 16, 2021
Good day WA family. I am working with my part time job as I write this blog. Like being a WA affiliate, I am starting part time. But I always try to complete the 20 hours per week, working and training towards my goal of becoming full time affiliate. As a mentor once told me, a fire in low position can still boil a pot of water if it is consistent and never turned off. Like a river that pierce through rock over time because of persistence. I still have a lot to learn, and I still need to comple
September 09, 2021
Hello WA family, It's been a productive 1 month. I learned so much and I know I still have so much to learn. When I came across affiliate marketing, I am starting to sell mugs and shirts online via POD. I really do not have any idea about affiliate marketing and how my blogs could earn me financial freedom. Trying to learn the system, I am about to join a costly affiliate marketing without any niche, but to sell one product only. Until Ivan showed me Wealthy Affiliate, and I somehow knew that t