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May 01, 2017
Hi,This is just to let everyone in my network know I will be away from WA a while.Since my premium membership is due to renew in a couple days, I´ll be cancelling. So, you won´t even be able to contact me via the WA site. However, you can still do so via FB.Update: apparently the fb link in my WA profile doesn´t take you to my fb page. But if you type Tessa Vandervelde in the fb search thingie and my pic with the cap comes up, that´s me :-)I´ve become too entangled
Today, many folks over the Atlantic have been experiencing an extremely tough Monday morning. People are feeling more sleepy, grumpy and bluesy than on any other Monday morning. The reason is their night lasted an hour less because of daylight savings time. Two weeks from now, daylight savings will hit Europe and people here will be feeling equally out of sorts.Up until now, I´ve always been the only one unaffected by the daylight savings time blues. And year after year, I´ve been h
... the tough get going!Three weeks ago, FC Barcelona lost 4-0 away at Paris Saint Germain in the Champions footie Leage 1/8 finals. It was quite a deserved win by PSG as Barcelona rather sucked at it all ninety minutes.Tonight is the return match at the Camp Nou Stadium with 96,290 spectators in the stands. Is this match just a futility because surely no team will be able to overcome a 4-0 defeat and score five goals WITHOUT the other team scoring? It sure seems impossible. On the one hand, pl
In the Algarve Cup tourney, which is currently being held in Portugal, The Swedish women are not wearing their names on their shirts. Instead, they are wearing jerseys with quotes to empower women.The picture is courtesy of
Hi all,Yet again I am puzzled by a WA feature. This time it concerns the unanswered questions in the activity dashboard. As you can see in the image below, I pulled up Everyone´s unanswered posts. So far, no problem.But then come the older posts. Six months ago, nine months ago, and over a year ago. That´s quite long to have to wait for a response! So I decide to be the first to reply and help someone out of their unanswered misery. Kiliwia62 is the lucky one, because, firstly, she
January 26, 2017
Hi all,Sad update, alas the boy didn´t make it. May he rest in peace. -----Sunny posted this heartwarming request today and I thought it a really great idea so I´m complying by copy/pasting. And you´re invited to do the same.Blog by Lilika84 Premium Top 50 Last Updated on Jan 26, 2017I have just found this post which made me cry.I know that we can do so much together. Let's unite and get this boy back to his mom. There are at least 10000 active members here. If everyone gets
January 19, 2017
Hi all,I was probably the last in line to make the switch, but just in case:If it doesn´t work as supposed the first time you switched, just switch it back and do it again. For me, the first time around it didn´t work and I got the encircled ¨i¨ instead of the green safety lock. Consequently, I went through lots blogs and others´ questions about it and tried out a number of things. All to no avail.I even had to get site support to deactivate a couple related plugs as I
Hi all,Earlier today, member X asked to exchange Amazon purchases. Member X did this because they received word from Amazon that they had not made enough sales. I´m just presuming here that if you don´t make enough sales, Amazon will close your account.It got me to think though. After all, we exchange comments here too, in the comment thread. And Jaaxy is being promoted at WA as well. We also exchange scam warnings, help, advice, tips, humor, wise words and support. Then why wouldn&
Who then, you wonder?Well, if you really want to know, keep reading.Before I tell you, I would like to state that this post is really the final part in a series of three. The original title of the first two parts was and still is: Don´t presume, Do check. Especially part 2 turned out a hoot last night. That´s because ... well, go check for yourself, if you like. You don´t have to. But you can. I´m just not going to repeat myself here. Apparently the original title sucked
Hi all,A week ago I posted here about the discrepancy between members I am following and members following me. Then I found 52 people who had started following me but I not them yet. So I rapidly fixed this. Of course, I was puzzled about how I could have missed so many.A few days later, the quarter dropped. Nearly all of the 52 started following me during the time I was inactive on WA due to eye problems. Well this is a relief. I´ve not turned into a sloppy individual after all.Now there