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Last Update: May 09, 2018

Where's Terry Instead of Where's WALDO?

Well, it's been a long, cold, lonely period in my life for a while. Was ill 05-2017 through 12-7-2017. Had a short remission period then got hit with some other symptoms and sacrailiac challenges. But...Terry is BACK! The Comeback Kid is here.

Work Plans

When you're a Christian and troubles come, what do you do? Well, I hid myself in the LORD. And, He had some very interesting directions for me to take for what He sees me as doing online.

First, the Lord has downloaded two of 10 in a series of Children's books He wants me to coauthor with Holy Spirit and my daughter, Phebe (Rom. 16:1-2), will be illustrating the books.

Then, I have decided to 'flesh out' my HeavenlySolutionsLady.ROCKS author website and blog about the progress once a week while I work on HeavenlySolutionsinTheCloud.Club for online subscription training courses and spiritual life and business group coaching through webinars as well as one tele-class (with worksheets), replays saved, once per week on one subject in a series of a tele-course.

Sounds Like A Lot of Work--Not Really

When I spend time with the Lord, I have found that I can achieve a whole weeks worth of work in about the span of six hours! He makes time stand still for me while I work. The Lord has always been my CEO and Coach concerning work. When I didn't know what to do to solve a problem at work, I would ask the Lord. I kept a notepad and pen by my bed and He would 'seal up my instructions in dreams and visions of the night seasons.' (Job)

I feel that the spiritual atmosphere has shifted and there are doors open in Heaven for us to go through at a Kairos time. I am going to RUN through my doors with open arms to the Lord and just see what He has in store for me.


I am on the mend, so this is no better time to begin. How about you? Are YOU beginning something new here at Wealthy Affilliate University? There is no better time to take the challenge and plunge! Transfer of Wealth awaits you--with some learning and work of course!

Shalom & Blessings, Terry

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