How to build a strategy to attract your perfect customers to your blog

Last Update: Sep 29, 2017


These days, too many people are obsessed with finding out the 'next big thing' to make the most money. One of the biggest trend I see people doing now is E-commerce and Facebook ads.

Many other people are obsessed with learning things such as affiliate marketing, blogging, Facebook ads, Google adwords, guest posting, email marketing, landing pages, funnels... and thinking that they need to do all of those in order to succeed and make money online.

However, these are just the TACTICAL approach and many people just think that mastering these skills would bring them massive wealth. Yes, these skills are good to know, but what is your intention behind learning these?

As a result, many people fail and give up because they want the fastest thing to generate the most traffic and sales without taking a look at the bigger picture

What's the reason behind the failure? It's because these people fail to have a STRATEGY of operating their business. Without a plan, it's like running into a war zone not knowing who your enemy is, where your enemy are, and how to secure the victory for you and your team.

These two words may sound the same but have pretty different meaning. Before I delve into this post, here are the meanings according to

Strategy: a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result

Tactics: any mode of procedure for gaining advantage or success.

Before you run off to learn something 'new', you need to think of your overall strategy first BEFORE running off to learn a new skill which you 'think' will boost your traffic or sales or whatever.

Here's a 4 step strategy that I use in order to find my customers:

1. Who are your customers?

We all talk about niching down. Yes, you can go into a niche you are really great at, but who are exactly your customers or people that will visit your website? Here are some questions to narrow it down:

- Are they male or female?
- What ages are your typical customers?
- Are they single or married? If married, with or without kids?
- Where do they live? In the city, village, etc.
- What jobs do they typically hold? Are they employees or business owners?
- What do they look like?
- What are they passionate about?
- What are their goals, dreams and desire?

You should be able to answer ALL of these if you want to attract the right people to your website. It's pointless to get 1000 people to your website and none of them buy anything because it isn't relevant to them. It is WAY better to get just 100 people and 10 of them purchase something. Remember, you want conversions and not traffic.

2. Where are they located?

Next important thing is to know where these people are. If you're in the health niche, you should know certain forums or facebook groups that your customers are already in.

- Where do they hang out online?
- Are they on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest? Where are they more on often?
- What groups are they part of?
- What email newsletter do they subscribe to?
- What blogs do they read?
- What interest do they have?
- Do they prefer sports or the arts?
- How about fishing or race cars?

The more you know what your customers like, the easier it is to find these people. If you know the WHO, you can easily identify the WHERE on how to find these people (Tip: There's about a Facebook group for almost ANY NICHE)

3. How do you attract them?

This is where you need to think how do you bring these people to your website or blog. You will need a bait in order to bring them to you and your business. If you know who your customers are, creating the perfect bait and content is a lot easier.

Here are some things you can use to offer to get them to sign up for your Email list on your website:

- Checklists
- Templates
- Audio book
- Physical Books
- Important Information in PDF
- Short E-books (Not more than 20 pages)

Keep in mind that when you're joining a new community, do not outright SPAM the place with your website because you will be shut out and kicked out faster than you expect. Introduce yourself, Add value to the people in the group, link to your website when it is appropriate and helps someone solve a problem.

Even if you don't have anything to offer, you could easily write a blog post answering a certain problem that people keep asking. Easily put, once you know the problems and frustration of your customers, it is a lot easier to post your website content without it being perceived as spam.

For example, you can easily do what Lori does here:

4. What result do you want to give to them?

This is where you deliver the results to them. Ultimately, you want people who visit your website to sign up with whatever you are offering.

- Is it to sign up under you (For example, a referral in Wealthy Affiliate)
- Is it to buy a product using your affiliate link?
- Is it buying YOUR product or services?

Whatever your intention is, you need to make sure whatever you are offering SOLVES a problem or a pain point that is faced by your audience. The bigger the pain point, the more likely it is for your customers to buy from you almost immediately.


While it's important to know what tools you need to execute whatever you are doing, having the right strategy is important. The 4 points above is one of the ways I get people to my website and my business and make them buy from me easily.

Most of the people I speak to do not even know who their audiences of their blog are. The biggest mistake I see people making is that they want to attract EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to their blog, but the actual fact of doing that is that they attract NO ONE. That's only because your message on your website is too general and no one likes to read something 'general' but something that 'speaks to them personally'.

However, that's a topic for another day. This is Terence, signing out.


If you read all the way down here, thanks for taking the time to read! I appreciate it and hope it has helped you.

I aim to release content like this once to twice a week on Wealthy Affiliate. You can find me under the tag 'Terence Tips' or follow my profile or look on your right to see the latest posts that I have made.

I also have a Facebook group where I share more tips like this with my followers. The link is on my profile if you are interested to join!

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