Are Upsells Bad?

Last Update: Oct 24, 2017


One of the thing that I really, really hated was being upsold. That's one of the core reason why I joined Wealthy Affiliate, because there are a lot of websites that claim to help you make money state that you can join them for $5...

....Only to find out you need to pay $27 more....

....Then another $197 more....

....Then another $997 more....

.....and the cycle never ends.

The truth is, upselling has always been a part of our lives. The most classic example would be McDonalds where they sell you the burger, but upsell you the fries and drink to increase their profit margin.

Back to the question, are upsells bad?

I used to think that upsells were a bad thing because I hated it myself. Besides, no one wanted the feeling of needing to buy another product to make an initial product work right?

I believe there's an ethical and unethical way of doing upsells. The truth is, I made a lot of affiliate commission because of upsells. When done right, it can help you boost your earnings online a lot, just like how McDonalds sell its fries and drink.

All in all, you need to find the RIGHT product. An upsell should not be something that makes the customer's previous purchase invalid. Using Mcdonalds context, it's like trying to sell a burger with just the bun and patty and going, 'Would you like to buy the vegetables and sauce for another $2?'. This would easily turn people off and this is not something you want to promote.

If someone were to buy into Wealthy Affiliate under your referral link, you don't want to sell him another membership site access. Instead, you want to look at different products that may compliment or help the person succeed. For example, selling proven and converting wordpress themes and Jaaxy are great examples. They don't NEED it to succeed, but it helps accelerate their process.

In summary, Upsells are actually an essential part of selling because it brings customers through a chain of products or services in an systemic order. Your upsells should ALWAYS be something that brings your customer closer to their desired results, and not make their initial purchase invalid.

With that said, think about what other products you can promote to your customers if you are selling what you are selling on your website already.

For me, I promote Wealthy Affiliate on the front end, but upsell the premium members that signed up under me to my preferred email provider, and also to other products to help make them money faster.


If you read all the way down here, thanks for taking the time to read! I appreciate it and hope it has helped you.I aim to release content like this once to twice a week on Wealthy Affiliate. You can find me under the tag 'Terence Tips' or follow my profile or look on your right to see the latest posts that I have made.

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