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October 08, 2019
I was so excited to see that I have my first website indexed by Google when I logged in tonight. Unfortunately it was not the site that I have been working on. It was a domain of mine that was just pointed here last week.That site has no content.No worries. I'm playing the long game.
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Most of you are unlikely to be familiar with Theodore Anneman. I came across this picture of him which is the cover of him from a compilation of his material called "Theodore Annemann -The Enigma". After endless hours of research an enigma was still what to do and where to begin. After turning to Ted regularly for years, he once again is inspiration for a successful business blueprint.No Need to Catch a Bullet Like Ted DidTheodore Annemann was born in 1907 in Waverly, New York and sadly he exti
September 25, 2019
Glad I have found my way here to WA. I dread the hours and money wasted so far.I'm sure many of you have methods that are motivational to each of you. I found this free course on Udemy to build a blog in 7 days in the form of a Challenge. These short tasks are great for me to get things done.How to Start a Blog Challenge can be found as a free course on Udemy. It breaks things down into daily tasks that mean productivity to me.