New Website? Start with a budget of $100 a month

Last Update: September 23, 2017

When I start a new website, I assign it a budget of $100 a month.

In my first month, I normally buy a $20 logo, a $30 premium WordPress theme and $50 for help implementing things I can't do in 10 minutes.

As I'm still finding my feet here at Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to include my WA premium membership in the budget of the first website I am developing here on the platform.

Having a budget of $100 opens the mind to the idea of jumping over roadblocks by paying for help. It also gives you a natural first monetary goal to race towards so the website is paying for itself.

Reinvesting profits into your website is a fantastic strategy to super-charge your success, and I actually don't take money out of a new website until it is generating $400 a month. For example, if I get a $200 cheque from Amazon in May, I assign the entire $200 into my AdWords advertising budget for June. Once you get going, a WA membership of $29.90 a month paid yearly is nothing compared to the value you can get out of it.

Loving it so far here at WA. I just wish I had of found you guys sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time.



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candice888 Premium
Very encourage, thanks Tommy
Carol46 Premium
Reinvesting in one's business is prudent. Best wishes, Tommy :)