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This is not an instructional post, it is a plea for help!My output on content is constrained by the fact that i cannot as yet upload clear images into my blog. It still remains a frustration for me. I thought Kraken was automatically reducing my images, so I turned it off, and I also turned off all values in the Media Settings section of the dashboard. Then I started testing image sizes to see which was the clearest.I have used the following KB sizes and dimensions for the same picture and tes
May 17, 2021
Just wanted to share a little about my initial struggles with getting up and running with WA. The picture above just about wraps it up. My rank number is currently 55,759. I started on 26 March 2021, but I had to take April off because we were hit with a tropical cyclone which knocked the internet for 28 days. My website ' now has 3 blogs. Please check it out and give me any feedback you wish. I have sent it to the WA Feedback about 2 days ago but no one has responded yet. P