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In my journey learning all about Internet marketing, and Affiliate Marketing in particular, I've come across comments and actions on the part of those with Affiliate Programs that cast a negative shadow over the industry -- not a lot, but enough to write this blog to see what other people have experienced.One comment I came across indicated that Google doesn't like Affiliate Marketing. Now, to me, Google is an integral part of our business; so why would they put up roadblocks that we have to w
January 20, 2016
Hi Everyone:Starting with no knowledge of how online business and website building work to now having a working website with my mission statement and "static" front page announcing my presence on the Internet is a testament to the efficiency and brilliant creation of the WA way and all the people that make up the WA community. I'm just finishing up Level 2 of the WA education but am way ahead in my practical education through the wonderful help I've received from everybody in our community. T