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Hello everyone! My name is Tabitha Desjardins and I am 28 years old. I graduated from Lincoln College of New England about 4 years ago and earned my Associates Degree in Applied Sciences, with a focus in Health Information Technology. I have recently received my Registered Health Information Technician certification from AHIMA and am currently an active member of AHIMA. I work at a company called Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation as a clinical data abstractor and I help out with Epic support calls.

After graduating college, it was very difficult to find a job. Colleges always promise that you will learn valuable lessons and will be a huge asset to the working community. They also promise that your career choice is desirable and that the jobs are plentiful once you graduate. Well after graduating, I found out that wasn't the case at all. I wanted to work for a hospital or physicians office as a medical coder, but those positions are unattainable without years of experience. Even with the degree and certifications, no one would hire me or give me a chance to show them what I can do. They expected me to get experience before I actually got experience. This in turn caused me to bump around in a temp agency from temp job to temp job, but never land any full time work. After about a year, I did finally secure a full time position, but it was for a data entry job. After all the work I had put in working two jobs while taking classes online, I had ended up in an entry level job that I could have gotten without my education.

It was then that I realized that the only way I was going to get into the career I wanted, was to work my way from the bottom up. Now I work as a clinical data abstractor, which is a step up from straight data entry, and hope to advance within the company in the future. In the meantime, I have forty thousand dollars in student loans that I have to pay back, as well as countless continuing education credits I will have to earn and pay for to keep my certification active. The thing that bothers me is that I am stuck paying for all of this even though I am currently not utilizing my degree or my certification, because I don't have at least three years of experience.

This brings me to the reason why I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate. I want to learn all there is to learn from this program and use it to better myself and my life. I am the kind of person who needs to constantly keep my mind busy and loves to learn new things. That's one of the reasons why I chose the healthcare field, because it is constantly changing and there is always something new to learn. However I feel that college has failed me and I am ready to find a new way to better myself and expand my knowledge, without spending thousands of dollars in a college environment. I am a very hard working person and am excited for the opportunity to build something great for myself and my future. I look forward to putting all I can into this new endeavor and learning as much as possible from this great experience.
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learn2bgreat Premium

Thanks for following me! I hear you and I feel your pain! Colleges are in business to make money. Unfortunately, too few of them have a vested interest in the success of their graduates. I feel that if they acted as recruiters for companies, we'd have a better transition for college graduates.

In the meantime, keep grinding!

ttabor Premium
Hi Tabitha, nice to meet you here. I read you story and I really understand what you mean and sympathise with all in your situation...it's frustrating how system continuously is using us for economic purpose and failing us to deliver promised goods.
Please follow me back. I believe we might have a lot in common in respect of health information and implementation. Looking forward to have chat with you.
Thank you.

TW2016 Premium
Hi Tabitha
Welcome to WA, great connecting with you and look forward to communicate with you often too.

If you have time Tabitha, could you drop by my blog and have a read at it. I hope the blog will be helpful and motivates you. If you like the blog you read, please indicate "Like". For your convenience, you may just click on this link which brings you directly to my blog https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/tw2016/blog

Thank you.

Kind regards
Steve1958 Premium
Thanks very much for following me...
It's great to make contact with you & I wish you all the best & much success with your internet marketing business!
Best wishes...

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TheBuilder Premium
Hi dear. To keep you going, I've prepared a Dose of Encouragement specially for you and for all my other loved ones. Here it is: Hope you will appreciate it.
Have a nice day.
Best Regards
JeffL61 Premium
Hi Tabitha,
Welcome to WA and congrats on your decision to join at the premium membership level. You certainly are ambitious Tabitha.

Yes indeed with the crazy cost of college tuition really it is a shame that a person like yourself is stuck with some ridiculous loan that is expected to be paid back by greedy loan officers in bed with those who set fees for attending colleges and universities. And often they still come hat in hand begging for more money. I know as being a graduate years ago from UConn they still pester me for money as if the University has none at all.

I do wish you the absolute best here at WA, Tabitha. If you need any help do not ask questions out to the community!

Ali-M Premium
Dear Tabitha,

Nice to meet you and welcome to premium community! My name is Ali and I've joined WA some while ago.
Joining premium community is a great decision that you have ever made and every step that you are taking forward from now, leads you to achieve your dreams.
You will not never be alone in this industry; me and many other nice people are always here to help you; also I would be happy to have you in my network too, so feel free to follow/contact me anytime if I can help you with anything. : )

Wish you great success in your online business,


P.S. By the way, as your profile shows, you're a great writer and your writing skills will help you a lot in this industry )
Kyle Premium
Just wanted to shoot you a quick message and see how things were going thus far Tabitha? I am here to help if you ever need a hand with anything, just holler!

PS. Also, quick reminder. Today is the last day to get your first month discount/bonuses. No rush, no worries. Just a simple reminder here. :)
wendyjane Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
brooksbode90 Premium
Hey Tabitha, here's welcoming you to WA community, an excellent internet training, and online business arena, backed up by a friendly and helpful community. I think we can be very successful here by being focused on the training, and by pursuing business actions. I wish you serious focus, great business actions, and much financial success.
immistermike Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. Tabitha! I think you’ll find that this is a great place to be a part of! The training is second to none – tons of tutorials, training videos and Entrepreneur Certification courses. The first 10-lesson course is free to Starter Members but it tells you everything you need to know to get your website up and running. You’ve probably been pointed in that direction but here’s the link to the first lesson I highly recommend that you jump into the lesson and course!

If I can do anything to help, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm here to help!

Also, I want to take a moment to wish you the very best!
wendyjane Premium
Hey there Tabitha and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. I'm Wendy, and I'm here to help you along the way! If you ever need a hand or have a question, just let me know.

So you're here to learn how to make money, right? First things first, make sure you start by checking out the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started" course (Level 1). This is a task based step by step guide that will walk you through setting up your online business. Here's the link: Something you'll soon learn about the community here is there are tons of helpful people always willing to lend a hand. Feel free to dive in and ask any questions within the community you may have. Those that interact are more likely to succeed. :) You can access the getting started classroom here:


You can also jump into live chat anytime, or drop me a message on my profile!

★★★How to Get Your Bonus★★★

If you decide to go premium within your first 7 days, here are the bonuses I will be giving you:

✓ You are going to be getting a 59% discount on your first months premium - (that's just $19)

✓ You'll get personal and private access to me. If you ever need any help going forward, I'll be here to help you out.

✓ I will send you Jay's live video training "Live Case Study in Real Time" - you'll get to watch an expert build a niche website in REAL TIME!

✓ You'll get Rebecca's "How to Quickly Identify your Online Money Making Niche" - learn how to select the right niche for you!

✓ I also am going to send you Steve's "Business From Scratch" tutorial. This is an awesome piece of training that can really clear up any initial confusion you may have.

✓Lastly, you'll get "10 Hot Niches for 2016 and 2017" to give you some more niche ideas and (hopefully) spark some new ones!

But only if you upgrade within your first 7 days... (this is what I call my "action takers" bonus).

Anyway, I just thought I'd get in touch and introduce myself. Remember if you have any questions about anything please let me know. I'd be more than happy to help out.

It's great to have you here as a member Tabitha. I sincerely look forward to working with you and getting to know you better. :)

Your friend,