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Hello WA family,I am happily announcing that my effort so far has paid off!My first EUR 21,51 commission arrived in my bank account! I feel joy, gratitude and fulfillment with everything I have accomplished so far and everything I was allowed the chance to benefit from. Here I mean, apart from the love and support of my partner, the support and encouragements I receive from the WA community, the comments to my posts, the posts of other members, etc. Thank you all for being so great!Now that the
October 11, 2019
Hello WA's!With this post I am willing to share my progress with you.The main and foremost point that I have accomplished: taking the decision!I took the decision I was going to give WA a fair chance! That means, I will make time, I will put in effort, I will enjoy writing about what I love (my first niche website), and I will embrace the challenge. Wait, why challenge? Because I had to find the right time and place that I could dedicate to WA and posts writing, I had to prioritize and make a g