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January 22, 2017
I love it, when new people connect with me here on WA. All sorts of people, all sorts of lives. Fantastic. I read the bios and it's like "what a nice person!" - when the bio says something more than the name I mean :)But then... there are those profiles where there's no name on the top. Nor in the middle. Forget the signature at the bottom.So I scroll down in the personal messages, looking for a message with signature. Sometimes I find it. Sometimes I don't, but there are WA members who've inve
You know when you like something very much, and you want to have some more of it, and then some more, and then some more... Like, for example, an eat-all-you-can buffet...And maybe it even comes with a 40% discount...That's WA yearly subscription!I couldn't resist :))Tasty deal - I recommend it to everybody.Cheers, Alma( I wish I could place the % symbol in the title... WA IT wizards, pls fix this! )
Do you ever have those moments when nothing goes the way you want, no matter how hard you try? I am right now in one of these moments. I picked a niche which I like and know a lot about, I bought an awesome domain, then started writing content. Sounds good, right?Then whatever could happen started happening all at once: hubby losing his job, daddy falling badly sick, shifting house, burocracy at its worst, you name it, it's there in the list.No matter what, I can't find the way to sit and work
My father was probably born with running shoes. He has spent most of his life doing sport when not at work. He used to run an average of 1'800 km per year and ride his bicycle around 10'000 km per year, plus countless km Nordic-skiing and rowing. He used his body till its limits and beyond, and his joints paid the biggest price. He can now barely walk as his kneecaps are too thin. Doctors told him to slow down 10 years ago, when he was 70, but he laughed at them and kept going.Last month his he
May 25, 2016
I have been taught a set of practices that are commonly accepted in Italy as the best things to do to get a good night's sleep.I tried all of them: a glass of warm milk with honey before sleep, a cup of chamomile, natural sounds like waves or rain, a bit of stretching, self massage of the feet, a light supper without fried food, and a few others.Results: I still can't sleep if I'm stressed.I also tried natural relaxants form the pharmacy. No effect whatsoever, besides my pocket a bit lighter.Th
Pfeeww.... That was hard work!Guys, I feel as if I I climbed Mount Everest without oxygen. Don't take me wrong please, it was an awesome trip, plenty of new knowledge, new skills, new friends, and a new website! Wow, I'm still amazed that I (I mean, I) could do that!!Which means, anyone on the face of the Earth can do it.For those who still didn't complete Bootcamp Course 1: you can do it!For those who helped me: thank you sooooo much!Now I'll take that deserved rest that Kyle allowed us to get
As I hit the 4 weeks mark of active presence and work here on WA, I finally wrote a post for my website enjoying it from the beginning to the end. The fear of writing is going away, thanks to practice - as many members here told me. Now I know that to write content easily there's an easy recipe: Practice. Write as much as you can, as often as you can, on as many topics as you can.Read others' content. Check out how they structure their posts, how they insert links and images, and how they inter
It's been a long while since last time I logged in my WA account. Two years ago I was here training and building my website, enjoying what I was doing, then all of a sudden I met a nice guy and got married straight away. Lol. Now that I enjoyed my honeymoon long enough I'm back with the intention of sticking around indefinitely.In the meanwhile the world just got a bit crazier, and "traditional" jobs a bit crazier too. WA was attractive before, and now a lot more. I've decided to quickly refres