Scared of my own content!

Last Update: June 09, 2015

I have been wondering why I have been procrastinating so much with getting my website up and running and it occurred to me that I am scared of my own content.

I am a very spiritual person and am obviously passionate about all things spiritual. So, this is the core of my website content. I have no idea how it will eventually make me money but I am taking the advice of the excellent people at WA and just going with my gut in the hopes of helping others in the same boat as me.

But.... and here's there's the big but! I am scared of my own content.

Talking about all things spiritual on the net and publishing articles that relate to spirituality will invariably bring out all the crazies. You know the ones. Those that dice with the dark side and fascinate on all of the things that spirituality doesn't.

I have seen some similar posts on WA but not quite like this. I would love to hear any advice from anyone reading this about how to avoid the negative attention that is bound to come.

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DJ-Yogi Premium
Did you overcome you fear?
Tans Premium
I haven't published my site as yet but I am getting there!
PattT Premium
This might come at the question a little sideways, but bear with me ... I'm one of those folks deemed 'sensitive.' Ages ago, in a class for artists, the facilitator brought i a psychologist whose specialty was 'sensitives.' She said she did not use the term 'artist' because there are many people out there, with the sensibilities who have never trained in an art . She went on to say that if tested, we would come in higher than average on all senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing, etc. It's a gift. The flowers smell really wonderful. The flip side of the sensitive nose, the dog do smells really, really bad. It's part of the same gift, though. Some things, like the dog-do, I can live with. Others, like a scary movie, I just can't. I'll be freaked out for a month. So I will only watch things that are funny and that's it.

I hope you can get something out of what I said. Something about your post resonated with me. There will always be negatives - indeed, would there be positives without them? But it's up to us to deal with it as best we can. Get your articles out there with the intention of attracting good positive responses. Know that the flip side is the negative but that you can flip the coin over and focus on the positive side. If it gets too much, you can move on but you'll never know until you try! Good luck!
Tans Premium
Thanks so much for your comment. Much appreciated and it certainly does resonate with me. Very encouraging!
Elinor Premium
Hiya Tans, I hope you have been able to bite the bullet and make some progress...? I think we all can find reasons to delay/avoid adding our content; for me I am stressing as my website is based on improving Lupus knowledge and therefore I am having to be very careful about the detail and accuracy of my information!!
All websites will attract their own brand of "unique " individuals so I think John is right, it's all about how you manage their presence!
Best of luck, Elinor :-)
Tans Premium
Thanks so much! Yes, I read you profile and I completely understand your concerns. I am sure you will be fine though as you have such an in depth knowledge of it personally. Onward and upward I suppose.
john1812 Premium
Hi Tans,

I can understand your dilemma, the internet is obviously open to everyone and any topic can attract comments and so on that aren't particularly welcome.

All I can suggest is that with the various anti-spam tools and comment approval system that WordPress gives you on your site, you can moderate/delete any comments that are inappropriate.

It might not be an ideal solution, but it does give you a certain degree of control.

Hope that is helpful!
Best wishes
Tans Premium
It sure does! Thanks for taking the time to have a think about it and give me the advice. One less reason to procrastinate!