Siterubix plugin isn't working

Last Update: December 13, 2016

Is this happening to anyone else? I have a page on my site discussing WA. On that page I have the siterubix plugin that allows readers to put in what they would like to name their site.

It's supposed to direct to WA sign up page, but it goes nowhere.

I have tried downloading the code again but it is still not working.

If you know what the fix is, please let me know!

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Lady May Premium
It rarely works lol, I ended up taking it off my site
TanjaRita Premium
Oh no, I got a sign up through it and I don't even promote WA (just have a page on my website about how I started my site). I have been in contact with site support so I will see what they have to say.
ShaneWelcher Premium
It appears to be broken right now, contact site support or Carson.

Great find though.

TanjaRita Premium
Thanks Shane! I will do that.