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I have started accepting guest posts on my website and sometimes get messages from people in niches nothing like mine asking to post on my site.These messages seem to be increasing. I used to respond to them but have stopped and made that clear on my guest post guidelines.Here is an example of a message I got a few hours ago. My niche is child development.Hello,I am Abe Whitney editor at https://premiumchefknives.comI have been following your blog for quite some time now and I love your cont
March 09, 2017
I hope it is ok to share this here. I took advantage of this deal and thought it had expired but looks like it`s still on. I am not an affiliate, so I don't get anything by telling you about this.You can buy a 100 pack of high quality stock photos for $39 from deposit photos. I have been looking to buy some stock photos because I want some better quality images and everyone seems to use free ones. But they are not cheap. Average seems to work out to $10+ per image. Canva has some for $1
I've just been notified by 2 of my readers that my contact form isn't working. I tried sending myself a message and indeed it isn't working.I went to the contact form 7 (plugin) settings and it is saying that there is 1 configuration error, but I have no idea what it is or how to fix it.I am hoping that someone understands this plugin more than I do and can help me out. I installed it on my site almost 2 years ago and haven't done anything with it since.Thanks
February 08, 2017
I am having issues with direct messages on twitter today. Whenever I type in the link to my website I get an error message saying that my message can't be sent. When I write a message without my website link it sends fine.Apparently I tried too many times because then I got kicked out of twitter due to "suspicious activity" on my account. I was told I needed to reset my password. So I did that and now I am getting the same error message anytime I try to share my website link.Is this happeni
I am doing some keyword research and every keyword I am entering is coming back with monthly searches less than 10. I then started entering known popular keywords and they are also showing less than 10. And there is also only one result.Is this happening to anyone else?
January 02, 2017
I have been using the free version of Sumome for quite some time now. I use the list builder pop up to get subscribers to my list.But, there doesn't seem to be a way to shut this off for mobile users (maybe there is in the paid version - but I can't afford that right now). With the new changes from Google to make mobile users experiences better I am worried that my site ranking will be affected as a result.So I am curious as to what others are doing (if you are using free sumome)?Is the list
December 13, 2016
Is this happening to anyone else? I have a page on my site discussing WA. On that page I have the siterubix plugin that allows readers to put in what they would like to name their site. It's supposed to direct to WA sign up page, but it goes nowhere.I have tried downloading the code again but it is still not working.If you know what the fix is, please let me know!
I know this issue has come up before and I searched for it within WA to see if a solution was offered but I couldn't find any of these posts.The issue is that I am trying to request comments on some of my recent articles, but when I click on "preview" it is displaying someone else's site. Not mine.I was tempted to just go through with the request because when I clicked on "view page" it does take me to my site. So it's obviously a glitch with the image itself.But I don't want that to deter pe
This may be a bit of a vent. My website is 20 months old and some of my articles with a decent search volume and low competition (under 30) are nowhere to be found on google. Out of curiosity I just did an incognito search for a particular article. The keyword gets 130 monthly searches and the QSR is 27 (the article was published about 6 months ago and has comments). I gave up looking for my article after page 3. What is more shocking than not finding my article (it is 2550 words by the way)
I just went to do a fetch of a new article with bing and I am being told that my site isn't verified. This site is 19 months old and has been verified via AIO SEO this whole time. I checked the code in All In One SEO and it is there and correct.Bing is telling me I have 3 options:1. downlaod bingsiteauth.xml and follow the instructions2. Copay and paste a <meta> tag in my default web page (not sure what that means).3. Add Cname record to DNS (also unsure of this one, my site is hosted w