Site Comments Is Showing A Site That Isn't Mine

Last Update: December 06, 2016

I know this issue has come up before and I searched for it within WA to see if a solution was offered but I couldn't find any of these posts.

The issue is that I am trying to request comments on some of my recent articles, but when I click on "preview" it is displaying someone else's site. Not mine.

I was tempted to just go through with the request because when I clicked on "view page" it does take me to my site. So it's obviously a glitch with the image itself.

But I don't want that to deter people from leaving me a comment because it would be confusing.

I have tried logging out of WA. Will try clearing my cache and cookies and see if that helps.

If this has happened to you, what did you do?

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Carson Premium Plus Featured Comment
Hi Tanya,

This is extremely rare but it can happen and it's simply related to the screenshot being taken incorrectly. You can clear the cache and force new screenshots for this site.

Go to your site manager and click on refresh for this site.

Let us know if this helps out, if not we can manually update your screenshot for you.

I'm the future if this were to happen, there is a "refresh" button right over top of the image when you request your comments. Clicking that will refresh the screenshot right then and there!

TanjaRita Premium
Thanks Carson. I didn't know that. I will try this.
Marcus1978 Premium
Thanks for information Carson. This happened to me too today.
stephhill Premium
Thanks Carson for the information.
Loes Premium
Yes, it has something to do with WA cache, I read somewhere, it does go to your website, the link is correct. I took the gamble, and I got my comment:)
TanjaRita Premium
Ok thanks Loes. I will take a gamble as well.