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January 10, 2018
Pleasant surprise… Yesterday I woke up and found out I made a commission from one of my blog posts I wrote about Qatar Airways. It’s only $15 but hey, I take it. But a ticket must have cost at least $1000. Considering that, that’s so little. Over the past few years I have used Qatar Airways a few times and stopped by at Doha, which is a really fun and highly rated airport.I don’t know the ranking, but like, one of the best airports in the world. Lots of shops, restau
March 09, 2017
This morning I woke up and was checking emails and noticed one of them read something like "Referral Bonus." It was a notification for the product I was promoting and $10. No,It's not the first time that I have made money online but the first one from my website I created here on WA. As happy as I am, I need to make this more of a regular occurrence as I haven't even been publishing once a week.But the first one always feels great, doesn't it?Have a great day!!Taka
November 28, 2016
I have just grabbed a Black Friday deal last night, or today depending where you are. I started here on WA in January this year, so it's almost a year and this discount was available at a perfect time. I was thinking about it extending it or not but just had to do it.I really haven't made any money since I joined here yet but have a few pages ranked on page 1, 2, 3, some 4 and 5. So, at least I have learned how to get ranked and some other stuff.Before I joined WA, I have made money (only peanu
April 29, 2016
Hello everyone,It's been three moths since I joined WA and I have yet to make a single sale, but I recently had a pleasant surprise. It's got nothing to do with WA, but eventually WA could play a big role.Maybe about a month ago I was contacted by an e-commerce site based in San Francisco and they suggested that I send images of my artwork to be considered for their products: women's knit, top, dress, scarves, etc.They are looking for designers (illustrators, painters, photographers, etc.)I did
Wow. What have just happened? I just went Yearly. It's been a month since I became Premium Member and it feels like more than a month, and I've been learning quite a bit. Actually, learning part is not that difficult. You just read and have to understand it. But understanding it and actually "doing it" are different things. After writing content, you think it's not good enough and just keep editing. The perfectionist inside you is holding you back and you'll never hit the publish button... unt