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November 19, 2018
Hi everyone, i've been away for a looong time now sadly. I had to work on my travel blog alone without WA. I juste came here as my membership is expiring the 23th november and i will be leaving WA for good.I learned a lot here when i started and didn't know nothing on affiliate marketing, blogging or anything else related. Thanks you WA for what i've learned here.For thos who are just starting in WA, i would just have to say one word : never give up and things will come. It migh take a whil, th
Hi everyone, i've been away for a while but i need some help with my google analytics account. Since i moved my site to an other host, chnage my theme and registrar, google isn't saving a part of my trafic origine and add it directly as "direct". I know it's because of all the changes and i've been in contact with the 3 of them and G. Analytics too. Nobody can't found why.Is there someone with new idea ? DO you think it's possible to erase my tracking code and add a new one ? Maybe it will solv
Hi everyone, i've been more or less not here in Wa this last weeks. In fact, i have been fully working on my new theme to come for my site. I bought a premium theme and actually testing it on my Siterubix site. That's why i'm not so here lately.Almost a month ago, i was blogging about my first 100 sessions a day from organic traffic. I was so happy about it then. Since then, it become crazier and my organic traffic went up again and again. Since the end of december, my organic traffic went arou
Hi everyone, i've been focusing lately to write posts, more and more. I was happy yesterday to see that everything is working fine.A few weeks ago, i wrote about the first time i had 50 session a day from organic traffic. Yesterday, for the first time, i cross the 100 session/day from Google, for a total of 120 sessions. That's spectacular for me and i'm getting more and more organic researches now.I just wanted to share this with you :-)Have a great week everyone, Sylvain
December 01, 2017
Hi everyone, a quick review of my month of November so far compared to October, which was a great month. I'm sure it can interested some people here in WA. No secret for me !Sessions About the number of sessions, there is no evolution so far. I'm still around 8200 Sessions this month, so around 270 people a day on my site.Pinterest traffic : It was a bit lower than October (10%= with around 5800 people for the month, so 190 people/day in average)Organic traffic : The most important here is tha
November 25, 2017
Hi everyone,Just to let you know I’ve decided to update to yearly. I love being here and even if it’s not perfect for me I will stay at least one more year with you.I’m hoping Kyle and Carlson are working on a multilingual keyword, especially for French :-) it will mean the world to me and my SEO will improve I’m sure. For now I’m managing with the keyword planner tool but that’s not perfect.I hope it’s somewhere on à to do list Kyle/Carlson ?Tha
November 23, 2017
Hi everyone, things are going in the right direction. I received my first income from an affiliate network this morning. Ok, it's not that much, as you can see bellow, only a bit more of 50€, but that's something for me.This is the proof, things CAN work here with Wa if you follow the training and work hard on your site.Thanks WA and i hope things are going to improve from here !Sylvain
Good evening everyone, I was just checking earlier some keyword on Google. I wrote a post on the top 10 things to do on Maupiti Island, in French Polynesia. This one bellow !I've heard of this thing, a featured snippet. I checked my keyword and there it was my post and my top 10 !I was so happy to see this.I'm not actually sure how many people are looking for this particular keyword but i know a minimum are. It was in the google research associated at the end of the page.Anyway, i wanted to sha
November 19, 2017
Hi, i was just checking my ranking on SERP and i was surprised to be number 1 on page 1 on a keyword, very broad. I actually wrote a post on Top 10 things to do on Tikehau Island, in French Polynesia. My keyword was things to do in Tikehau Island.I was actually surprised when i checked in incognito mode the keyword "Tikehau Island". That's very broad and people are more willing to type this is google i guess sometimes. I was actually 1th on page 1. I checked my GA account to be sure and yes it
Hi everyone,I was offline for a day and this afternoon, I just checked my Google Analytics to see where I was this month. I had the great surprise to see for the first time : it’s been 2 days that my organic traffic went up to 50 people a day. It’s a great deal for me as i see it’s improving a lot this month. So far in November, my organic traffic represent more or less 15% of my total traffic !Check my google analytics graph of this month so farFor some of you, 50 people migh